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Still for sale
Please message me if you are interested, the RS-1s are in perfect condition and include everything, it is a buttonless RS1, one of the newer ones, but not RS-1i. No trades. Includes a clip on valour headband which I'm including free as a bonus, it is removeable. Pic of the headphones:   Google checkout only, very easy -- invoice -- CC/debit card -- done. 
yes I used a Pico too and it wasn't enough, I still haven't heard it at full power. 
yeah, it is a good deal, I think someone can even buy this off me as an investment and make more than they would in the stock market. Since it is LE to only 2000 sales. Just look how the L3000 is selling these days :) Only selling due to being in a bind. Every day I hear it, the sound gets better.
Anyone considering W3000ANV check out my sale thread or PM me, Im giving over $200 off from new
Hi I'm located in NY and Boston
Brand new ethiopian pads. Some pics:
couple years ago it was all customs, now there isn't as much noise about custom IEMs. was it just a fad, or did the market get way too flooded?
I bought these only last week off ZenErik. Original thread with pics:  ... Only sell or trade for HD800s. I prefer google checkout with invoice and CC/bank card payment.
I knew the HD700 wouldnt be very good. I see right through companies when they put out a slightly cheaper version of their flagship and claim it to be nearly as good. It happens over and over with these marketing professionals. From a production standpoint they will want to cut as many corners as they can to not kill the market for the HD800. From a value standpoint it can't be too much better than the mid level ones, because they want those to still sell too. It is so silly.
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