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wow two months and no sale, I remember a time on headfi when I post something and it's gone within one hour. 
If anyone wants to trade down their GS-1000 for the legendary grado rocker, let me know. PM me to discuss. It is perfect condition with an extra valour headband. 
Pic :
last price drop before I keep it
I've owned many RS-1s before, these are my favorite pair because they combine the classic look with the newer look. The cups have no buttons, but the sound is closer to 'classic', and the cable is perfect for both desk and portable use. It is a thinner, shorter cable than other RS-1s. IMO those looking for RS-1 should pick this one up.
Just wanted to relay a great customer service experience. I had weakened drivers on my ed 9 and they not only replaced them, they replaced the ethiopan pads as well. Now it's as new and sounds way different and better. I wasn't even under warranty. Thanks Ultrasone
yes will take a photo pls PM if interested
PM if interested, VG condition 
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