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It's why I sold mine, you'd think for the cost Audio-Technica would make something that actually fits without having to destroy the value. 
Hi I'd like to acquire these amplifiers. Triad L3, and Woo Audio 5-LE. Please let me know if you have them and your price. For the L3 I want black with metallic casing. For WA5-LE I'm not picky, thanks
With the expense of SR009/amp, would you sell all your components/headphones and just end up with one? Or is there still enough variety in sound that it is worth holding onto other headphones/amps/combos? I am trying to figure out if I should save money for a few months to get the Stax set-up or just sell all my equipment to fund it. 
pm me to sell. $900 for ed 8, $600 or thereabouts for GS1000
sig pro is NOT better than edition 8s, people only say that due to shiny new toy syndrome or flavor of the month. The 8s are still the champ for me and present the spectrum in a euphoric liquid way that few other headphones match. The sig pro is just an edition 9 made with cheaper parts, if you want a neutral headphone there are far better options than the sig. while the ed 8 can perform every genre and compell you to the music.
wow two months and no sale, I remember a time on headfi when I post something and it's gone within one hour. 
If anyone wants to trade down their GS-1000 for the legendary grado rocker, let me know. PM me to discuss. It is perfect condition with an extra valour headband. 
Pic :
last price drop before I keep it
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