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Well there is a lot of sarcasm/bitterness about hifiman players across internet forums, I think Fang wants the product to sell itself due to word of mouth rather than throw himself in the lion's den
Will the hifiman accept stereo plugs (1/4th) or mini (1/8th)?
Can't wait for this, loved the Hifiman 801 and this looks like it improved it in every way
pls PM to sell this to me
I would like to acquire an HD800 pls contact me with info about it, if you have one. I can use PP
Sorry these sold, forgot to close the listing..., wish you guys bought this from me when you could, it took me several weeks to find a buyer at the time. got to jump on LE headphones
Please PM me if you are interested. It is in perfect condition, cable is 5 feet. Free shipping, PayPal is accepted. Bought from Amazon and upgraded, so you will know it is real. 
Is it true that Hifiman 901 will take 128GB SD cards?
will this accept an external lineout to an amp, without the dock?
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