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US only due to no battery policy of international shipping. Great condition, ships with USB and clip
So is this worth getting over the WA-6SE? 
I want to buy, not sell
Looking for the Triad L3, please contact me if you have one you'd like to sell.
For sale or trade: Centrac DACport. US only due to battery
Pls PM me if you've got an HD800, I'd pay more for a recabled pair
I have the $$ to pay you today for it.
Haven't been following custom IEMs in a few years. Last I remember they delayed the JH-A3 over two years. Did that ever come out? Did people like it?
I'm seeking out a Grado GS1000. please contact me if you've got it
Can people in the US preorder it? Fang, take my $$!
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