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whoops, just updated the post. Already bought a 12" ibook, so now it's just a matter of selling extras to complete the payment
PM offers
Yes, so far nothing has occurred on my end either I will find out on Christmas eve if pay pal was able to recover any funds from his account, but I'm not getting my hopes up (and have pretty much written the $$ off at this stage) Not sure if anything can be done Take solace in the fact that cakeincups has to deal with his conscience & now the karma of holiday theft. If, ever, he is wronged, he can sit in his mess and know that he deserved it. If, ever, he seeks...
This guy has stolen my money... I'm not optimistic about the pay pal claim I've filed, I'd be lucky if I got even $1 back I imagine... Capeincups00 has set me back about $1200 in total. $400 for sale $400 worth of gear I'll have to sell to get the funds back $400 I'll have to spend to eventually re-buy gear & the least he could do is e-mail me and tell me that he scammed me rather than remain an ambiguous coward. holiday cheer
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