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Very nice, friendly user who is also understanding & efficient. There was Mother Theresa, Gandhi, MLK, and Socrates, and now we can finally add Todd S to that list
Nah, not really interested at this point in a trade, since I'm looking to fund other purchases. -STILL FS-
This was already sold
FYI the Zu Cable is 36" Bump and price down to $340
Need some money to fund HT purchases. I'm selling these Sennheiser 650s w/zu mobius cable. It's in great condition, and I bought it used off these forums about a month ago. Sound is great, comes w/the original box, the cans and mobius. Loved 'em but I want to buy a projector! Can only accept check or MO at this point. I'm asking $370 shipped Pics available upon request!
Just updated my list!
Very nice, friendly seller gave me tips / info on the senns he sold me! Great transcaction!
What's the difference between the zu mobius cable and the stock cable??
alternate question --- can anyone point me to the direction of an ipod line-out that I could hook to a stereo to play the music through the stereo? Tried mini-to-mini... maybe that was naive; it didn't work. Hmm... I wonder
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