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Bought this last week, light scratches all over (which I can't figure out how they got there; very frustrating)... Comes with all original accessories and I filled it with music as well. I'm looking to trade for either for either a 60 GB ipod photo which would be a straight up swap, or an ipod Nano, though there would have to be $$ added on the other side to make it even. So if anyone is interested in any of these swaps, PM me, thanks
Yeah Feels is my favorite too can't wait to see what they come up with next... If they continue this progression they're going to go into some mega territory soon
Very nice, friendly user who is also understanding & efficient. There was Mother Theresa, Gandhi, MLK, and Socrates, and now we can finally add Todd S to that list
Nah, not really interested at this point in a trade, since I'm looking to fund other purchases. -STILL FS-
This was already sold
FYI the Zu Cable is 36" Bump and price down to $340
Need some money to fund HT purchases. I'm selling these Sennheiser 650s w/zu mobius cable. It's in great condition, and I bought it used off these forums about a month ago. Sound is great, comes w/the original box, the cans and mobius. Loved 'em but I want to buy a projector! Can only accept check or MO at this point. I'm asking $370 shipped Pics available upon request!
Just updated my list!
Very nice, friendly seller gave me tips / info on the senns he sold me! Great transcaction!
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