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I can't find any impressions or reviews about it. 
I'd pay 200 more with a recable
Regarding one side being louder/more dominant... That's a sign of driver failure. If it's not a hearing issue. I had that issue and it got worse...sent it in for repair, took about a month to get it back fixed. 
can this drive HD800s?
PM to sell to me
I'm in the market for Edition 9s, APS recabled/numbered ones are preferred but not necessary. Pls PM me your asking price
do not buy sold me his hd800 then disappeared
WTF? paid for it and he disappeared
Pm me
Mr. Woo's response on comparing WA6SE vs WA7 (hope it's okay that I'm posting it): "In terms of sound quality, the WA6-SE has an advantage. However, the WA7 accept USB input."
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