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Ultrasone Signature Pros with hardwired APSV3 cable - 5 foot terminated to 1/8. Priced for quick sale at $600 shipped all in.
Please show me pics and let me know the cost + relevant info. 
PM me to sell me an RS1, I will pay today.
This LCD3 is in perfect condition. I will ship anywhere, and accept PayPal or BTC. Shipping is included in the price. Pics to come.
I will also trade for Grado RS1+ $200
iBasso DX100 complete with box and charger. PM me if you'll take it
I want to try out the Stax flagship headphones they are too expensive to get blind. No stores even have it. How have you all been able to audition them before deciding to get them?
im streaming from a server using plex, is it lossless or is it compressing the music?
Can other headphones work with the JH3A dac/amp? what termination would it need?
I bought this because I couldn't find edition 9s (if you've got one I'll buy from you).knowing it has the same driver, it does sound like an edition 9 in many ways. It is missing some of its clarity and impact and soundstage though.   As for ed8, Sig Pro is more enjoyable to listen to than edition 8s... but I find edition 8s to have more of a balanced sound across the spectrum. I find edition 8 more of an audiophile headphones, they're like really great speakers on...
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