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I'm in search of a Stax SRM-717 or 727 amplifier to drive my Omega II's. Please contact me if we can work out a deal. Thank you.
kingston 128 GB doesnt work on mine, it can play music but the player keeps resetting with it. when I use other cards they work fine. 
Can someone make me one of these? Pls PM me your asking price if you can :)
JH16 is not only in a greater league than HD650s they are the best IEM/headphone Ive ever heard
Searching for an RSA balanced cable that will fit my JH16, let me know what you have and cost
I have found that JH16s are the best audio equipment I've ever listened to, and I've tried nearly every brand
If I line out hifiman to my L3 amp, should I use 3.5 to 3.5 cable or LOD?
Hi pics coming tomorrow
Ultrasone Signature Pros with hardwired APSV3 cable - 5 foot terminated to 1/8. Priced for quick sale at $600 shipped all in.
Please show me pics and let me know the cost + relevant info. 
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