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This will be pretty sweet, only because of all the people who will sell their HD 800 now for cheap. I think they will come to see the HD700 isn't as good. I know Jude said it surpasses it in some ways, but let's face it. every new headphone that comes out is better than everything that has come before it. Lots of psychological FOTM has burned me many times. 
so you and Noxa think they sat around and decided 'lets make something really rugged and durable, our fans would love that!'. That isn't how business works. The executives sat around a room and said how can we save 80-90 % production costs and still work in the high end market, to save our bottom line after the Edition 10 failed.    Every time a company has done this in my experience, the end quality suffers. I mean they are even charging nearly the same price. they...
Would like a nice LCD-2 cable, please show me pics
They aren't controversial, people only dislike Edition 8s who are looking for reasons to dislike them, they sound like amazing magical speakers. They are so good that Ultrasone even released a limited edition version. Another thing is that the metallic build quality also has an impact on the sound. Maybe that is where the 'harshness' talk comes in. These drivers will need more burn-in time, my edition 8's sound smooth as silk.    I ordered Sig Pro's to do a...
Can someone tell me about the DX100:   - does it play ALAC? - does it work as a USB DAC/amp? - is it worth getting instead of hifiman 801/802? - any built in GB storage? - does it take 64GB micro SD cards - does it play 24-bit?   thanks for your help!! I know I can get some of this info in the big thread but it's many pages long, maybe someone knows off the top of their head
pic: http://img521.imageshack.us/img521/9519/0507021842.jpg   free ship. PM
so it is solar powered? does the case have to be open? that is pretty awesome, it could survive the end of civilization as we know it
PM me if you are interested. Let's deal! 
I will have to try it, it is just strange that when a new product comes, one of the most loved headphones on headfi people are treating like it's junk now, I still listen to Edition 8s every day
are you sure youre not falling into flavor of the month zone when saying sig pro is better than edition 8s. the edition 8s are better quality and part of the prestigious edition line, they wouldnt make a cheaper headphone sound better. the 8s have a magic to my ears that no headphone has matched
New Posts  All Forums: