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Sure I'll post tonight
I need to plug my 3 pin power plug, into a 2 pin converter. It only works if I plug it in upside down (so to bottom prong is sticking out while the top two are plugged in). Is this safe? 
What is better, the balanced amp card or a dedicated portable amp (Pico Power, RSA, ALO, etc)
 Hello I have for sale a Pico Power, orange for sale. The amp is all that is included + brand new duracell batteries, and the original box if I can find it. If you are in the US, I am willing to send first if you are a reliable buyer, to ensure your satisfaction with the item before payment. Please PM me if you are interested.
My problem with the unit resetting itself constantly, was fixed by customer service. So if anyone else is experiencing it email them, still don't know why it happened though.
Thinking of returning mine, there is just one problem after another, with resetting, charging, battery, firmware. Now today the wheel just fell right off. If only it actually worked :(
kingston 128 GB doesnt work on mine, it can play music but the player keeps resetting with it. when I use other cards they work fine. 
Can someone make me one of these? Pls PM me your asking price if you can :)
JH16 is not only in a greater league than HD650s they are the best IEM/headphone Ive ever heard
Searching for an RSA balanced cable that will fit my JH16, let me know what you have and cost
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