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I guess you don't realize that an ebay auction is legally binding, and you mention headfi in the listing so it is technically involved as I only dealt with you since you were from here. It is not entitlement, my bid won it fairly. I might have even paid more if you asked. 
no one deal with this guy. I won his ebay auction fair and square and he cancelled the deal because the price I won at 'was an insult'. bad vibes. very dishonest seller. 
Perfect condition and includes original box/accessories. Either sell, or trade for Ultrasone Edition 10
Complete in box, includes everything, no problems in condition.  I'd also consider trade for Ultrasone Edition 10, possibly Sennheiser HD800 I would like to keep this US only for now.  
How do I replace a blown fuse in a woo audio amp? Is it difficult? 
So I want to order one but it says 'not shipping until late november' would I really have to wait ten months? 
Guess we'll have to dig through that 1000 pg thread :(
Love my JH16, but curious about Roxanne. Can't really find dedicated discussion about differences, just small remarks. Anyone can say?
I will also trade this for a regular Pico DAC/amp
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