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I hope I can make this one. Work been crazy busy for me these last couple of months.
  I have though long and hard about this so I am not jumping into anything lightly. I have had hours upon hours of listening time on a DX100 so I think I know what I am getting myself into. I don't care much about what OS is on the device as I would be paying more for the ability to listen to good music first and a decent UI. Basically, if I want the latest Android OS then I will go and get a device that has it, but I have no real need for it.   What attracts me to the...
I am so tempted to get this unit. Been thinking about getting the DX100 but with the small upgrades especially the battery the HDP-R10 unit might be the one for me...then I saw the price...   Current pricing on Amazon is JPY 79,992; equivalent to $1,008.56 USD.
Item has been sold.
AnakChan & gkanai: Thanks for the kind words guys.
Up for sale is a slightly used Sony Walkman Z in red. This is the Japan model and as such there is no volume limitation. Includes all original accessories plus a protective plastic case for the back. Additionally, I applied a protective film on the front immediately after purchasing the device. Language has been preset to English. I bought this unit for review purposes and no longer require the device. The unit is in mint condition, no scratched or dents. Cost: $360.00...
For those who want their FitEar TG 334 fix you can now get them through ALO Audio:   So I am assuming that they might start to carry the 111's in the near future.
One more thing to add. FitEar did mention that the 111's were designed to be listened to at a lower volume.
Sorry we missed you. I think most of us were out to lunch at the time.
Just so you know pricing should be around 39,000 JPY, hopefully Fujiya AVIC will update their website. Good price for great headphones.
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