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IE8, W3 and Phonak are still FOTM headphones. The praise that W3 innitialy got has already cooled down a little bit. ER4 is a prehistoric IEM. It is only popular because of the positive reviews it got from pros 10 years ago due to a lack of better options at that time. It has a large cult following ever since.
Quote: Originally Posted by dfkt Here's a closeup look of it: Show off your DIY cables! (56k warning) - Amplifiers, Cables, Home Audio, Car Audio - abi>>forums It's the innards of a Mogami Neglex cable, WBT silver solder, high-quality hot glue (gets really hard, not rubbery).... and the tips of two Sansa stock earbuds. Works perfectly fine (better than my overpriced Qables nonsense) and doesn't get in the way. I've got an expensive...
Quote: Originally Posted by dfkt Walking (Cowon S9, Corda Headsix, UE11): http://anythingbutipod.com/images/fo...300231-800.jpg Sleeping (Cowon O2, iBasso T4, Awwan 46 Ohm impedance adapter, Shure SE530): http://anythingbutipod.com/images/fo...300233-800.jpg Running (Sansa Clip/Rockbox, Phonak Audéo PFE): http://anythingbutipod.com/images/fo...300234-800.jpg How did you make that mini-to-mini in the 2nd picture? Looks great, slim...
I have bad experiences with APE files. Seems like you need alot of processing power to use them efficiently. In foobar there is always a delay when I fast forward or start a new song. Very annoying. And my X5 with rockbox simply freezes when I try to open ape files.
You can say the exact same thing about the triple fi 10 pro. Atleast the SE530 is still being discussed and compared regularly. Theres nothing about the triple fi 10s at all.
Quote: Originally Posted by ericwatson anyone else try it out Am I not credible enough for you?
Tried it and so far I havent experienced any skipping when playing lossless files. It seems to be working
Just a few things... the EQ on the ipod touch is normal and decent but not customizable. It is certainly not bad as it does what it should do. I am using the classic EQ setting on the ipod touch right now. It's v-shaped with recessed mids and I havent noticed a clipping problems. This was suppose to be a problem in the past. Though there is a remedy for that too. What people are looking for are 3d effects and bass booster options. The ipod touch does not have those...
Such high ends portable devices already do exists. For starters you got those high end kenwoods going around for like $600 for a measly 60gb. You also have the pacemaker for similar price. Then theres the iriver h120. And finally you have an imod. I have to check again but I also believe some portable phones come with a digital line out. Are these devices popular, even on head-fi? No. And they are probally not worth the money anyway. Portable device can never sound hifi....
Quote: Originally Posted by Huxley However with customs you get more comfort, more isolation and a slightly better sound, like with sa6 vs their customs. Who told you they give better sound? They also cost $100 more and you cant customize your ports anymore. Might as well just get a a custom sleeve for less then that and keep the the ability to change your ports and tubes.
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