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Its a shame that that guy is out of business. Ordered my PK1s from him. It was cheaper then ordering it from head-direct Would like to know why he stops selling these yuins.
I would seriously consider the fuze if it had an ipod nano like user interface. I have to admit that I've never used the fuze before but I think that the interface isnt as fast and efficient as that of the nano. I dont really care about the design as I consider portable audio players as a throw away gadget anyway. Funny that I have used a walkman for probally 8 years and a minidisc for 4 years but when it comes to mp3 players they are just throw away tech. But I have an...
You are right but you have to press the earbuds really hard against your ear though. Not convenient.
I vastly prefer the PK3 over the PK2 even at the same price. The PK2 sounds a bit lifeless and less musical to me then the PK3. Probally because of its lack of bass. I also found out that with a few tweaks (removing the foams and playing with the EQ a bit) I can almost produce the same PK2 sound with the PK3s. But the opposite is impossible to due because of the difference in bass.
Killing the mids automaticly results in a more and wider 3d sound. Whereas the opposite brings the music more in your head. I myself personally like recessed mids too. Thats why I like to use V-shapped EQs like the classic, rock, rnb, latin eqs in ipods.
Sorry you only had them for 1 day and then you already decide to recable them? Then you wont comment on the PK1s until they have atleast 150 hours clocked. Am I missing something? Did you recabled them to improve the durability of the cable? Because obviously you didnt do it to improve the sound. What about its key characteristics of having 150 ohm resistance? Wouldnt you have ruined it? And I find the claim that you can already hear audible differences a bit...
Handbrake here too. Now you already got 4 people saying that in this thread. Choice should be easy now.
Quote: Originally Posted by mark_h On the subject of portable rigs. My friend took his iRiver iHP 120 to Thailand. It fell out if his pocket whilst riding on an elephant and landed in the river. Not covered on travel insurance that one. He shouldnt be a riding an elephant in the first place. Dont feel sorry for his loss. Thats karma right there. Humans shouldnt be exploiting animals just to earn a quick buck. Hes just contributing to this...
Why has the sleek audio SA6 dropped off the radar? A few months ago these were the absolute hype around here. Many considered them the be one of the best. A single driver beating triple drivers that are double the price. It was so popular that spme even got the custom versions too. But nowadays it doesnt get any recommendation at all. Not even a vague reference to them in any of the threads. I had them and I admit I was not that impressed (mainly because of its price...
Quote: Originally Posted by dfkt I bought a 3% solution in the drug store. For soaking I used the plastic cap of a bottle of shaving cream or something, big enough to hold 4 foamies. Pushed the foamies down with a Caipirinha lemon masher until no more air bubbles were to be seen, and waited for an hour. You seem like a guy who would use a nice brush and some shaving soap.
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