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Posts by montell I found this thread to be extremely helpful. Bought some cheap foam earplugs at my drugstore. Followed the procedure and it works great. Isolation as far as I know didnt improve but I really dig the sound signature know. It seems that the bass has been toned down a little bit. They are more comfortable then when I use the single flange silicon tips. But I am still trying to find even more comfortable and smaller foam...
I prefer ACS too because of the material they use for their custom sleeves. I believe sensaphonics uses the same soft flexible material. You might want to email them too and then compare who offers the best price. I am going to make custom tips on my own first though. Theres a thread on head-fi here showing you how to do it yourself.
Dont waste your money on anything above 5mp. I have the LG secret wich has a 5mp camera and the pictures come out razor sharp. I believe the LG secret is also the slimmest 5mp with flash and autofocus phone available on the market. There is simply no need for more megapixels. At this point other factors are more important. I'm truly satisfied with the pictures. Other then that I totally hate the phone though.
I just stuff them in my pocket. Anyone else think that little secret compartment at the bottom of the box is a bit too.... weird. I was expecting some kind of huge secret but it only contains a little bag of silica and some disc shaped things (are these filter?). I mean whats the purpose of that little compartment
Quote: Originally Posted by ILikeMusic Not even close, of the two go for the high-quality IEMs of course. The better IEMs will produce an immediate and obvious gain while the difference between lossless and high-bitrate compressed is virtually nil. Pretty much sums it up. How many of you can really tell the difference between lossless and lossy without having a reference? I can convert a lossy file (128kpbs) to wav and tell you that this is the...
The IE8 sounds more like a slightly better version of the PK3 to me. They have exactly the same sound signature. All the way from the bass up to the airiness.
What do you actually mean when you say that you refuse to believe that livewires are headphones? Does that either mean that they are ridiculously good or ridiculously bad?
Quote: Originally Posted by Cecala It's just there to solder the wires to. Although Sennheiser could have taken a better route for this task. I was actually hoping it might have some kind of capacitor or signal modifying component. Never seen anyone use a PCB with a headphone before. Not in the DIY section nor official companies.
I change them often since I got them but to be honest I just cant hear the differences between any of the settings.
Just got these yesterday too. And... forget about it. I was just wondering what that green pcb was inside the y-junction thing with the IE8 logo. Thought it was some kind of chip but its probally just nothing
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