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If anyone wants the PK2 or PK1 to be recabled with the cable of your choice let me know and I'll ask $165 for the PK1 and $85 for the PK2.
Updated with pictures. Would also like to note that the neutrik plug is gold plated while the cap is from silver. I believe neutrik only sells the black/gold or silver/silver combo. Nothing to go crazy about but its there
Up for sale is custom made mini to mini cable. Length of cable is about 3.5" excluding the plugs. - Plugs is a 3.5 MM HEAVY-DUTY STEREO PLUG from Switchcraft. Nickel handle/nickel plug. - Cable used is Kimber Hero. According to the their website they have the following specifications CryoQuadratic™ field geometry, VariStrand™, Hyper-pure copper conductors, and Dual Teflon® insulating technology. I am asking SOLD for it. Price is excluding the additional shipping costs....
Up for sale are the Yuin PK1 and PK2 earphones. Both are in mint condition. The plug of the PK1 got replaced with a stronger neutrik plug complete with custom artwork. No original boxes. The earbuds come with the original foams only. Sorry about that guys. I will upload pictures later. PK1 - $140 or $165 recabled PK2 - $60 or $85 recabled Prices are not including additional shipping costs. I ship anywhere in the world. I prefer payment by paypal.
Quote: Originally Posted by tadad1 http://img5.imageshack.us/img5/5527/97406030.jpg What kind of bass ports are those? And is that a jailbroken touch/iphone?
Well you can say what you want about this guy but I agree with him on one thing though... $1500 for a pair of IEMs just aint worth it. And I find it pretty stupid that you swear by the UE11 while you never heard it. I've owned PK1-3, SA6 and IE8 and a couple of others. Not the lowest mind you. And I can guarantee you that the law of diminishing returns really kicks. Especially in the upper tiers of IEMs. Probally even more so then in speakers or headphones. Out of all...
I would recommend the ipod touch 2G. Its such a versatile and great device. There is tons of entertainment and productivity to do on this little device. It is more of a pocket PC if you will. But branding it a pocket PC will take away the thunder of its audio capabilities. As its really a dedicated audio player with a fantastic user interface. Now if you are only interested in audio then its toss up between the clip 8gb or the ipod 5.5g. Depending on what you want. You...
What tips are you using for your sennheisers?
Quote: Originally Posted by thechungster Mine is black and recessed... There are silver ones? :| I think the Black ones may be newer, silver seems to be in the shots used for marketing, and maybe the black is to make blend with the body? Well, the bass screw: Does yours have no clicks or anything, just a screw that can be moved to any point but with some resistence when turning? Edit: Look at this pic Another point is that the wire base seems to be...
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