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Quote: Originally Posted by ILikeMusic Whatever you choose you might try to pick up a used Shure PTH (push-to-hear) device from someone who doesn't want theirs. The PTH unit is very handy for air travel as you won't have to be constantly inserting/removing your IEMs every time you want to talk to an attendant, hear an intercom announcement, etc. That goes for all situations. Wether you are working in the office, sitting in the cantine at school or...
For classical music you definately need something with huge soundstage like the IE8. And jazz is the kind of music you put on in the background for some smooth listening so a warm sounding IEM is the best way to go. IMO some genres in Jazz also benefit the most from a huge soundstage. So again I can not recommend anything else then the IE8
Up for sale is my iaudio X5 20gb. I CF modded this unit but it doesnt come with CF card. You'd have to provide one yourself. It works like a charm with incredibly fast user interface now. I also replaced the battery with a fresh new one. This portable player still works flawlessly and is considered to be one of the best sounding DAPs The unit itself has minor cosmetic scratches on its aluminum body and is missing 2 screws from the backplate. These are just minor cosmetic...
That made me laugh, MarchingMule! Well I can say tat the PK1s are in mint condition and still $20 below MSRP. I didnt mentioned that I probally spent about $20 on materials like 2x neutrik plugs, heatshrinks, solder, either. Thats $120 right there. Not to mention the time and effort I put re-terminate them. And lastly I am also using euros as my main currency. Doesnt help that the euro is still more expensive then the dollar
One last time then I am calling it a day. You are getting the PK1 with a stronger higher quality neutrik plug for $140 or a Cardas golden Litz recabled PK1 for $165 or the PK1 with cable of your choice for $165 + $cost of materials. Like I said before EFN was overwhelmed with PMs for these but I am only getting sporadic PMs. Is it because of my rep? I have been around for more then 3 years though.
Quote: Originally Posted by myk7000 Larry's opinion is merely one man's opinion. However, he has taken the time, money, and effort to look into a variety of headphones/amps/etc to gain experience and a true sense of the differences between headphones, amps, and sources. This is something I truly respect. This might be why many people back him up when he claims something. I am not flaming you by any chance mose but you should also respect that he would take...
I am use the regular medium silicon sleeves from Sennheiser. Might be just me though
If I had $500 I would buy a sonic impact T-amp or a zero dac, modded xbox and blow the rest of it on Aurum Cantus speakers. I just checked and the speakers are indeed out of your price range
Is anybody else also using the EQ to boost the trebles? These IEMs sound so muddy and faint when I use them without. Now I cannot live with a flat EQ anymore with these.
Price drop. If EFN can sell his 3rd hand recabled PK1 for $160 then I am confident that I can sell my 2nd hand PK1 for the same price or $140 for the regular one.
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