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Price reduction to $75
I am really wondering how they can make such graphs. Are they using microphones or something? And even then the seal and tips can cause huge changes in the sound. How can they emulate that
I am the original owner of the following items and they are in excellent condition. The IE8 comes with the original box but is missing one small silicon eartip. The PK1 is reterminated with a stronger higher quality neutrik plug Sennheiser IE8 - $old Yuin PK1 - $old Yuin PK2 - $60
Quote: Originally Posted by aimlink Look Dude, you can speak only for the tips you make at home, not the ones that others would take your advice and make. So care needs to be taken. No? In the final analysis, you do what you wish. If Sennheiser tips are not safe for the same reasons, I certainly wouldn't be endorsing their use either. I don't own Sennheisers yet and will be carefully appraising their tips for this issue. I recommended it to...
Quote: Originally Posted by aimlink Hmmm. Sounds like the recipe for tips being left behind in the ear after removing the IEM. Be careful with these home made solutions! Dont worry about that. The IE8 doesnt go deep enough to make it a problem. And these tips fits really snug as long as you make make the hole small enough and let the nozzle do the rest Funny that you warn people about these home made solutions yet the foams supplied by...
Moseboy have you tried making your own custom tips? You can buy these foam eartips from your local drugstore for like $2. The make a hole with a screwdriver and voila you got your own comply tips. I used them and it worked great but I recently reverted back to silicon tips because of the ease of insertion.
Quote: Originally Posted by average_joe Wow, great for your wallet! My comparison between the 2 is the IE8 is better at everything, but some things not by all that much. The IE8s are better balanced, have better bass by far, better treble extension and quantity, much more detail, and a wider stage. But for the price, the PK3s are very good for rock and have enough bass for rap IMO. And I just stuck the PK3s in after listening to the IE8s and I...
Quote: Originally Posted by koven might be weird but i'm a bit hesitant because of how they look... they just look like some generic earbuds.. can they really sound that amazing? lol do these blow the <$30 range earbuds (EP-630, CX-300, V-moda, skullcandy, marshmallows) out of the water? Many will disagree with me but they compete with my $250 sennheiser IE8
Quote: Originally Posted by TheMarchingMule Do you mean the KSC75? Because if not, I'm sure a lot of people will be interested to know where one can get the 35 model for that price. I dont know I thought you can get both for around the same price. But I know they dont sell the ksc35 anymore.
Headphones like KSC35 for $10 or SR60 for $50 would beat it for sure. I have no doubt about that. But if those arent your thing then the PK3 is really the best you can get
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