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4) Other suggestions. Apple In-ear. In fact I even think its better then the IE8
I dont think the apple iems are bass light at all. The best is perfect and smooth. Though this is coming from a guy who thinks the bass on the SA6 is perfectly fine too while I have read that others complained about the lack of it. It depends entirely on the recordings though. Not on the IEMs. The Sennheisers didnt isolate that well. I have tried just about every tips except for the custom sleeves. All the trebbles and soundstage just got lost in the sound of engines,...
I recently downgraded from IE8 to Apple IEms and what can I say other then the fact that I am pleasantly surprised by them. Two gripes I had with the IE8 was that 1) they dont isolate at all and 2) their bass is way way too overwhelming. When listening to tunes in public I was just hearing the bass pumping in my ears and nothing else. It just wasnt worth the money when I couldnt even enjoy their soundstage. I said that I downgraded from the IE8... in my opinion I...
I actually saw a girl who bought the iBuds with remote for $39. It really blows my mind why people are buying such crap. For the same price you could get PK3s (I got mine for cheaper). I let her listen to my PK3s. At first she was listening to a piano play on some low quality youtube video and then she said she couldnt hear the difference between ibuds and pk3s. Then I let her listen to some regular tracks and she finally agreed that the bass is much better (its there...
The ibuds arent as bad as people make them out to be. But you can get yuin PK3 for the same price. The PK3 is so much better. You'll be completely blown away by its SQ. People in my class actually keep asking me if they can listen to my PK3s.
Quote: Originally Posted by insyte Aside from the wadia itransport, the cheapest way to do this is by connecting the ipod to the pc, then pc to external dac So far there is no portable option yet for bypassing the internal dac Winner right here. You dont even have to have your PC hooked to a dac/soundcard. You effectively bypassed the ipods DAC by just connecting it to your computer with a USB cable. Makes me wonder why'd you wanna get a wadia.
I actually seen that one before. But for $300? Nice try. you might as well get a 256gb ssd for a bit more. I think they are around that price now. You might as well buy this one for the hdd only. Apricorn rolls out pocketable Aegis Mini 240GB 1.8-inch hard drive
Could anyone actually post a link where to get this 240gb 1.8" harddrive. I have seen alot of talk but havent actually saw it on sale anywere online. Wanted to get one for my laptop for a while now.
VLC player is really the worst player to play music files even if its the only app that allows you to play flac. No album art, ads, no extra functions for music playback, slow ui, ugly ui. Might as well take the extra time to convert to flac files into alac and then upload them with itunes.
Correct me if I am wrong but apple sells a single fm radio/remote already. You can plug that in and use it with your own headphones of choice with fm radio support to boot. I dont know if that works though
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