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Tried my friends briefly. I didnt like the ergonomics. It simply sits too low and it also has sharp edges
It isnt that flawless though. There is lag between any operations you do (like playing a song or skipping to the next) and when you actually start hearing the changes you made. It becomes very annoying when you are like me and you like to skip through songs alot. The lag on my system is about 2 seconds wich is quite alot! Sometimes I even get 4sec lag. Getting a netbook instead might actually be a better idea.
I once farted right in front of a womans face because I thought nobody could hear it. IEMs can really ruin your life. True story.
Quote: Originally Posted by appophylite Absolute BS...At work, I don't have a clock in my sleeping quarters, nor do I have a clock in my office, or work-floor. At home, I don't keep one in my room and the only one I have is downstairs. I spend a lot of time outside too, and I refuse to pull out my cellphone just to look at the time when I can twist my wrist just as quickly, and as it stands, they are banned everywhere at work except at the office desk or...
Buying a watch of any kind is shallow anyway you see it. A watch today is just not functional anymore when you got clocks everywhere you go. You got them on mobile phones, mp3 players, laptops, cars, just about everywhere. And buying a Rolex for reliability is a moot point too. Just about any watch you can buy is reliable. Even if it wasnt then you'd still be better off buying multiple watches throughout your lifetime instead of one rolex. But obviously you arent buying a...
Quote: Originally Posted by gadgetman @montell: I beg to differ on the Apple IEMs. Granted they're a pretty good deal for the asking price (decent dual driver, mic + clicker and volume buttons that are nice for compatible ipod\iphone models), the sound quality is below the par of the course here regardless of what your preferred sound sig is. I found the Apple dual driver IEMs to be too dark. Not the kind of 'dark' that has overpowering lows that affect...
I'd recommend the Apple in-ear. They are easily everything the ER4s are and more. They completely retain their sound quality no matter in what environment you are. Apple in-ears make mono recordings sound like binaural.
The soundstage on the Apple in-ears is unreal. Even better then full sized cans! Wether its the K1000 or any Stax headphone. You'd have to bring in ESL speakers the size of a whole wall to approach the airiness of the Apple in-ears. They are so detailed and the instrument seperation is out of this world. Its just insane. I could hear someone sneezing in a live recording of Michael Jacksons concert. Not only that I could pin point its exact location. It was about 56...
These are all FOTM IEMs. Apple in-ear is a keeper
Apple In-ear. The most comfortable IEM I have ever used.
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