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The design is just brilliant!
Can't wait to try this...Hehe   If ipurifier can squeeze into the micro idsd?
My previous list seems unreasonable for a micro series , okay then here is my list:   1) XBass and 3D Halographic sound features is a MUST! 2) This is a micro series, is it too much to ask for a 6.35mm headphone output jack?   There might be a mini series, so coaxial input, AC powered and balanced will be appropriate for Mini series then :)
Okay, what I want are really simple :   1) Xbass and 3D Holographic sound, V2 2)Digital input (RCA coaxial), this is actually my top wish eventhough I put it second in the list 3) XLR Output and fully balanced, why? because some headphone amplifier is better at XLR input. 4) Size is not a problem, AC powered if can get better sound 5) Friendly prices tag as always   Besides, I want a tube headphone amplifier from iFi Audio pleaseee!   Keep the good things up iFi...
Your setups are cool!
Yes, the high output impedance seems more lively and low impedance jack seems dead (not lively), I also have observed a more transparent music presentation from high jack.  However, I think that the baanced output is faaaaar better than the single end, teted with HD600 and through the balanced output, the music are punchy and lift up, true nice. Single end output of A28 is not that competitive in my opinion.   A28 has good transparency and balanced/neutral to my ears.
Where did you get your recabled done? 
The German Maestro GMP 400 and 450, if classical is your thing. 
Anyone noticed the iDSD and iRack?   Hehe
This is really an interesting product from obravo, audited their ai5 and ai25p before,not colour and muffled at all, not sure about their headphones though
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