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This is insanely beautiful! Love it!
I would like to buy/make a 3.5mm to RCA coaxial cable for M1, any advice for the adapter? I don't know which 3.5mm plug is compatible?   Thanks!
So there is really no OEM one? Thanks guy!
My hd700 earpad has been broken, anyone know where can I get a new one? Maybe not the original one, OEM will do.   Thanks
With the latest firmware I still love every bit of my Esther :)   Cant wait to try the new firmware
I will however, hope that power off button preference can always set to power off (not long press sleep), i need to go to setting everytime to make it true power off, battery consume quite fast with the sleep.
Display will automatically switch off, it is in the setting.
Bughead sounded very liquify and organic, I really love it
I am using the Surfcable 4 pin XLR balanced cable and play HD700 with Stoner Acoustic EGD and EGA in full balanced mode (With Bughead) software, such an audio Nirvana! and no teble peak as I observed, just an elegant and smooth sound
Guys,   I will try to talk to Xduoo guys about the improvement that we hope they can bring.   Personally will prefer there is no cue. option, the cue is implement into the all files and when you select the cue files it should be able to have the list of songs already.
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