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well, with a domain name like I think it's expected that they sell headphones. I would not be surprised at all if 90% of their business was selling other people's wares. I don't think there's anything wrong with it myself. They are in business to make money afterall, and I bet they make more then many specialized amp builders. You think Ray Samual audio or audio gd make as much bottom line as they do?    Supposedly LG's got an OLED due out in june,...   or   either of the above, will likely easily beat any sound card spdif. The v-link is right at your budget, the cheapest version of the audio-gd interface is about 170$ shipped.   I just upgraded from a X-FI Coax out (Flexi Jack 1/8 to coax) using a custom cable from bluejeans (1/8 to RCA) with their...
yes. though it will be a pretty ho-hum SPDIF source. I'd look into a USB-SPDIF converter. The V-link is a good deal at 99$ if you can still find one. Yes, it's worth the few extra $$ over soundcard.    edit:
Im not really understanding whats' going on here.    If you use a dac with more then 1.8 V RMS output, (most are 2.0 V) it WILL CLIP ON HIGH GAIN. There's no question about this, it's not broke, it's not maybe it will clip, it will clip, period. It's by design, and on purpose. So what is the issue again?    Most DAPs have half a volt... .5 V RMS, that is why you need high gain. 
lol i don't work for headroom. I do agree that their amps are rather Utilitarian looking,function over form. Im not 100% convinced that's the reason they are not getting love though. That said, I could give a flip myself, im using an O2 it sounds fantastic, I built it myself, and it only cost me 85 bucks. 
Lol really? 1" thick is an old dinosaur? yeah you better watch out, with that giant thing hanging off the wall you might stub your toe. Yeah OLED's will be nice. That is a new tech, but you did not mention it in your first post at all. It's not a completely new technology either ~ more of an evolution of LED. There are many mobile devices currently on the market that use OLED's.. Though unless you want to spend 5k+ on a TV, i don't think you'll be touching a OLED for a...
I actually ended up buying AVU's V-Link for 80$. At that price it's pretty tough to beat.. anyway got it in the mail today and im listening to it. I must admit I was pretty skeptical at first, was not sure it would be an upgrade over the X-FI COAX OUT. Well, im happy to say it's a clear upgrade. The difference did not jump out at me right away, but as the music played they became obvious. "cleaner" "blacker" "less sibilant" "bass impact" "bass resolution" "less fatigue"...
Well, my O2 definitely  has clipping in High Gain with a 2.1 V dac output. but it's completely expected. No surprise there, I knew it would before I even built it. High gain is for weak sources like a dap(.5 V output).. this is working as intended.   It's a design limitation, and well documented. You can get around it when you build it if you set low-gain to 1x, and high gain to 3x, it will never clip. But that gives you less flexibility when using weak source.
LED tv's are LCD Tv's, the only difference is the backlight. Plasma's are moving along quite nicely, they are as thin/thinner then the best LCD's(less then 1" now!). They have made huge strides in power management, and still offer great black performance for the $$$. DLP's are, however going away, with only Mitsubishi still manufacturing them, though still a great value when you can get 73" for ~1200$.   
I agree with the above, it does sound like it could be a problem with the pot, might want to make sure that S2 (gain switch) was properly installed and is not shorting to the VIA (small hole on the PCB). As it was a design problem that was later addressed. It's unlikely but possible.      
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