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I did notice Upstate guy said he could not tell a difference between the 900$ GS-1 and 90$ DIY 02. -- Just sayin..
Headroom gear is the real deal - don't kid yourself. It's well designed, and there's no ********. It's measured and offers alot of features in a clean sharp package. It's also american made, and supported. Should a problem arise they take care of their customers quickly. That said, I do think it's a little overpriced, but you do get alot in return.
you need a digital signal for a dac. the ipod can't output digital.    you can use a pre-amp, or posibly an ipod Line out Device > rca. Ideally you would not use an ipod at all. 
anyone tried out that new Leatherman Crunch? vice grips? looks awsome
When you say "bested" by V-link you mean as the Value proposition right? not overall performance?   Yeah, maybe so, 99 vs 170$.   every comparison i read of v-link vs DI, di won.   that won't last forever though, when those units sell out, it will be back to 189$ (V-link II)
It's pretty similar to the 797 actually, just mo better. It also sounded quite nice with the RCA Clear top, but I don't have he Fullmusic tube to compare. I always thought the 797 was a little on the "lean side" I prefer the bass of 49990. This is very subjective so it's pretty hard to compare op-amps and tubes. I think 49990 is worth a shot for you, but I wouldn't bother with the other op-amps I've listed. Ad743jn has the most bass if you like that, but it's not as...
So what did you think of the V-Link in your setup? Noticeable improvements?    I'd generally agree with you 65535 about things being done right the first time, but these USB SPDIF converters have been moving so fast, changing
Cheap and Decent :    Musical fidelity V-Link.. 99$ right now, great value.  Teradak Teralink (70$)  Hiface (150$)   Better:  Audio GD DI (175$ /w shipping) Halide bridge (390$) bel-canto 24/96 (250$)   Best:  Audiophileo (580$) Stello U3     (450$)  Anedio U2 (best value, 390$)  Off Ramp 4 (best, period) (800$) Jkeny Modified Hiface MK3 (520$) ART Legato 16/44.1 only so scratch this one. (500$) Wavlength Wavelink (900$)   Best of...
so it looks like the Anedio U2 is very similiar to the Stello U3.. at 390$. They do brag about their pulse transformer as if it's something special too..
That bel canto 24/96 looks ancient.. not to impressed by today's standards.. just looks like a off the shelf usb spdif, the best thing is its' galvanically isolated, but so is this : http://www.ebay.com/itm/FANMUSIC-FM-6011-COAX-USB-SPDIF-COAX-Converter-NEW-/110606570036?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item19c0aa5234   edit: nevermind that thing is using Centrance async code.. hmm maybe it's better then I gave it credit for. but it's still really old!   That Anedio U2...
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