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Had a ground loop between my O2/Odac combo and KRK Rockit 5's. Ground loop disappears when headphones are connected. The Hifidiy USB Isolator solved the problem, unfortunately the device is not transparent, and has a negative effect on the audio quality. I will not try to describe the effect, but it's definitely not good.   Out of frustration I solved the problem with Cheeter plugs on KRK Rockit 5's and returned the isolator.
I suspect many things may effect this, do you use powered hub? how good is your power supply? Is it a laptop? do you use a power conditioner? how good is the mobo's usb power filtering? on and on and on. an external power solution in some cases may make a dramatic difference, and no difference in others.
yes, you really need an amp. No it's not ok to directly drive headphones from the odac.  
if foobar is runing in exclusive mode when set to WASAPI, 24 BIT, then why does the windows volume control work? this should not do anything. It still works, that means it's still going though the windows mixer. Foobar pad's zero's it's no big deal going from 16 to 24, but I don't think windows does that, why would you want another layer of conversion?
i guess i need to spell it out for you.   Foobar spits out 24 bit, windows converts it to 16 bit. so no, it's not sample rate conversion, it's some kind of bit-depth conversion, the point is the same. windows is working it's nasty voodoo. enough to be audible.
you need to have the program you play music with aligned with the windows setting. If you use Foobar, then windows should be set the same as foobar. if you use something else, then it should bet set the same, this is if you have a very resolving setup, and are trying to achieve top sound quality, if it's just youtube video's who cares.   For example, i use foobar for all my quality listening, so i want it to be the same as windows mode, they are both set to...
  The sample rate conversion is not the issue, it's the bit depth. Windows defaults to 16 bit, foobar defaults to 24 bit, so it will resample from  24/44.1 to 16/44.1 and it go's though the sucky windows SRC at that point. It's audible.
Possible problems that should be addressed asap ~   Foobar Defaults to 24 bit, 44.1 (WASAPI)   Windows Audio defaults to 16 bit, 44.1   Windows software volume control still works. Ergo  - windows resamples to 16/44.1 by default. This is baaad mojo, and plainly audible.   Solution: Change windows audio to 24 bit, 44.1, or otherwise Sync Foobar/Windows Audio. And/or find a way to bypass the windows stack completely. I have not yet tried Kernal Streaming,...
Got my Odac module in from JDS Labs, installed into my O2. Some brief thoughts :   Clean clean clean non-offensive treble, but great resolution tight, controlled, impactful bass. resolution dead quiet, silent unforgiving warm detailed easy listening plug n play, no skipping, no hiccups, windows recognized instantly, and was good to go in ~5 seconds. 24 bit, with close to 20 bit resolution ~ software volume control becomes viable without loss of...
never heard a dac one, modded or otherwise. I'm only going by technical specifications and objective measurement.
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