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never heard a dac one, modded or otherwise. I'm only going by technical specifications and objective measurement.
Still technically one of the best dac's money can buy. Your good to go, just not FOTM anymore.
Oh yeah, they use the same USB chip and Dac, it must be an exact copy .. fact is, if you want a USB power dac that is 24 bit capable, and has 2V RMS output, you have very very few options. Many would have used the same reciever/dac for various reasons. your retarded.
I'd agree there may be a significant difference vs TOTL, as I don't own such an amp. Saying it's "Good for 150$" is doing it a huge injustice, as it has no problems outperforming most amps under 800$. It may not be a "Giant Killer" but it's definitely a "big boy killer" it competes out of it's price range, significantly so.
I don't own anything "Top of the Line" I do own a Hifiman EF5, with upgraded op-amps and expensive tubes. I've also owned a Headroom Millet Hybrid with power supply, Cmoy, Mini3, and Headroom Micro. I built my O2, cost me about 85$. Out of all these amps it's my favorite by far. In my opinion it "easily" best all the others. And that headroom system was ~1200$ at the time (400$ Power Supply, 600$ Amp, 200$ upgraded stepped attenuator), it was a nice system no doubt, with...
192 is a separate product, not a replacement for the standard V-link series. It's priced much higher and uses the  xmos chip like stello U3, and Anedio. If that's what your after, you don't need to wait for the V-link 192, just get the Anedio now.
Hey guys,   was wondering if these have a problem with cracking since they are made from wood? I know HiFiman had problems with this, and i've seen one guy who said 2 pairs cracked. Whats the word on cracking with LCD-2? Headphones at the kilobuck level should last, and im seriously considering purchasing them, but if they crack in 2-3 years, well that's not so great. I may prefer the HE-500, the LCD2 seem to have the sound signature im after, having never heard them...
Studio 20's, Paradigms highest end speaker before the "Signature" series, which are just basically Studio series with real wood veneers and other superficial improvements.  1" tweet and 7" woofer. Large bookshelf, they run 400$ each. Passive speakers, they are pretty high end.   If you'd never heard anything better then the Rockit's it's actually pretty hard to define their weakness. Im very happy with mine at the price paid. (150$ ea). They are really easy to listen...
For reference I spent about 85$ to build mine complete with JDS Labs faceplate/PCB, 16v PSU, shipping, everything, except batteries.   I ordered parts from Mouser, JDS, and I can't remember were i got the enclosure, I was going to get it at Allied, but it came out a few bucks cheaper somewhere else, because of allieds retarded handling fee.
Your impressions were mostly accurate actually. It's my biggest complaint about these speakers, when they hit the lower range they sound like a box. a bit resonant and sloppy. Keep in mind, they still sound great for the money, but this is an area that I noticed needs improvement. Im still overall very satisfied with them, also the "other pair" of speakers I listen to regularly is Pardigm Studio 20's. It's not a fair fight hehe.  
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