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never built those, I use the LSR305's, but I was tempted, i've built other speakers before, so it's not a big deal for me, the ease and simplicity of powered monitor's won me over. The speedster's have been around  since 2013, they are a well known good design. There are other vendors that sells kits as well.
I also have an asus motherboard (Z170) with Supreme Audio, and it's quite abit better then my previous motherboards, and integrated solutions. But it's no match for even the Jotunheim's internal dac. You may consider something like Regen/Recovery, or even Xmos F1 to get a bit more out of modi. I don't know what kind of difference it will make with Modi, but some have claimed improvement even with Yggy vs XMOS F1. The difference was large with jotunheim's dac.
 this, if your not careful you could spend triple for less performance, if you want something better then 305's best to build your own. But doing this means you now need a decent amp too ~200$ more. The JBL's have integrated amp, they are actually biamped, with an amp for the low's and and an amp for the high's. You could use a cheap t-amp, but for something like a Speedster, that's almost criminal....
Im using the native driver on Jotunheim, everything seems to work fine, but 32 bit output on Foobar does not work properly. (it does work, but weird stuff happens, it's unusable) Probably a moot point, 24 and 16 bit work fine. Testing the driver out now...
JBL LSR305 /w a preamp. Tough to beat for the price. pair with a schiit passive pre-amp, or a headphone amp with pre-amp capability.
In my case, I re-terminated the stock cable that the headphones came with, so my total cost was a neutrik connector, (9$ shipped from amazon) it was pretty easy overall. A blow torch took the coating right off the wire almost instantly.
A lot of the harshness of the combo comes from USB interface. Reclockers dramatically change performance of jot dac. You can clearly hear akm velvet signature with a good reclocker in line. It's significant, especially since jot dac is fully USB powered, something like regen or W4s recovery allows you to slip in your own 5v power, an ifi ipower in my case That said, some people really dislike akm velvet. I don't mind it, but I couldn't really hear the signature pre...
Well, Jot's got insanely good measurments, it's a technically amazing amp. People need to learn how to use an Equalizer, it's a hell of alot easier and cheaper to find a good, neutral amp and EQ it to your preference to fix bright headphones, then it is to swap out expensive gear all the time. I don't see what the big deal is. 20 minutes with a good Parametric EQ like math audio, in Foobar, and your all set. For what it's worth, I found the Jot to be less bright then an O2.
there are no op-amps in jotunheim. it's a discrete design. if there are op-amps in the circuit somewhere, they are not part of the gain stage.
Im sure something like a Singer F1 is way, way better then mac optical anyway, but it is a relatively expensive, ugly, bulky add-on, for a portable/semi portable setup.
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