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I guess even a bit earlier - Netherlands is not that far away from Poland :)
It is around 2 weeks plus shipping :)
Sorry guys for a bit of delay in email responses and a bit longer waiting times for cable - last weeks were busy because of a lot of preparations before AudioShow in Warsaw, but it was a good damn show :)   Thanks for your impressions! Usually I am not writing the addresses on the envelopes, only in some special situations - I guess I am better in handling a solder iron than a pen :D
Its not like I am doing it on purpose or have some benefits from it. Its is in my interest to have as low prices as possible to attract people around the world and I have no special desire to put this burden and make other people pay this 23% to support my "beloved" government. Trust me I am pissed every single time I have to send an email responding to VAT exemption question and personally I do not know any single company here in Poland succeeding to go around those rules...
To clear some things up about the VAT :)   In a perfect world where all the tax authorities are nice, kind and doing everything to help small businesses to expand and export as much goods as they can to make the economy grow, Polish tax authorities would allow me to send every single package outside EU without any problems. Unfortunately we don't live in such place (maybe others do, but not me) and to send such package:   1) It has to be sent by EMS (while using post)...
Basically your experience (and not only yours) show that there is difference between the cables. If it’s a big one or just a small one depends on the many factors (a topic for a quite thick book) among which the cable itself plays the most important role. As a lot of aspects of how the cable sounds cannot be checked on a frequency response graph or other lab methods and strictly depend on how do we hear the sound, I prefer to design them basing on idea in my head,...
Check your SPAM folder :)
Sometimes quckly, sometimes a bit less quickly, but in the end I think that the other side is satisfied :)
Hahaha, there is a good side too - soon you will have so many FAW USB cables at home that even the printer will be plugged with USB audio cable 
Sorry, for the late responses - It can take one or two days this week. I am out of country and the places I visit have VERY limited access to internet :)
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