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Few business days :)
I wouldn't be surprised if the Furutech itself was almost the same weight as the rest of cable. Somebody broke in to your apartment ? No problem... just grab the cable and take care of the burglar ;)
Yes, exactly. i have basically 3 options   1) Shipping by courier like UPS/DHL or so. The courier takes care of all the export documents for 0% VAT  (BTW. The official textbook for how to fill it in has around 100 pages and the export documents are like usually just 2-3 pages :) ), but its on expensive side - around 50-60Eur worldwide. 2) Shipping by EMS. The 0% VAT export documents can be prepared by 3rd party company for around 30Eur plus EMS itself is 39Eur. Kind of...
I will respond your email and all the other today - expect it in your mail box in next hour or so :)
All the emails will be responded today in the evening, I will also check the SPAM folder if there is any of your emails went there. Stay tuned!
  Exactly :)
 Many thanks you took some time to share your impressions! Good read ;)
 Looks sexy in black with Mojo :)
@noobandroid Please check your email :)
I am afraid due to MOT rules I cannot answer to such question here :)
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