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Send it again please, I am sure I just missed it. Sorry for that :)
We are doing best we can here to ship as many orders before Xmas as possible so stay tuned guys. Unfortunatelly in last couple of days mother nature (with a little bit of help from our neighbour) flooded our workshop and it slowed down our work speed but we are doing the best we can so that your cables will be waiting for you under Xmas tree ;)
 I dont think that 90% of people who won't use ultra/high sensitivity switch on iEMatch is accurate. I tend to think that said number is much lower, this function is very handy indeed. For instance, HiFiMAN's latest SuperMini DAP in balanced mode hisses like crazy with multi-driver based IEMs. iEMatch works marvelously with it and that's only one of many DAP/IEM combo examples I could point at. And as people above already wrote, it's about sensitivity reduction *and* a...
Please use the promo code and see what will happen. If it doesn't work, the promo has ended.
It has probably ended by now, yet the best way to find out is to place an order and see what is product's total price.
It's on its way, it's been sent via regular post, it might take a while. Please check your mail, it should be there rather soon.
We do lots of custom work, though it depends on customer's needs. Can you be more specific?
Forza AudioWorks is on the market officially since early 2012. But before going fully operational and establishing proper company, Matt was into DIY for a bit more than five years. In summery, he's been into cables for a decade, +/- several months. 
Whoa, that's a nice stack! Lovely, simply lovely!
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