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Long time no see - my coworker just came to the office and untied me after @Jagu came to my office in Heisenberg's hat and demanded to c̶o̶o̶k̶  make the cables for him... indeed an offer I couldn't refuse, but next time just ask - I am very flexible man ;)   Amp in a sexy, beautiful CNC, millet aluminium case, cut with finesse and precision vs the same electronics in a crappy, dirty, basic plastic case. Which one sound better - the first one for sure :) Placebo effect...
All the emails apart from several from the last 2-3 days should be answered now and all of them will be answered in next few h. If you however didn't receive them, I apologize - last 2 weeks for me was a series of blackouts and crappy wifi in Nepal, and they could not reach you. Now since I am back in Poland all the emails will be handled in a timely manner :)
Alive and well :) Expect answer to all the question today in the evening/tomorrow morning. I am in the middle of series of flights back to Warsaw and email client refuses to download all the emails and to cooperate with me through this sluggish wifi :)
Because they are Head-Fi sponsors :)
@jagu, I would, but I cannot here, due to the MOT rules :)
Its harmful especially to small businesses receiving a lot orders from outside the EU for relatively small amount of money and sent by cheap way of transport like Polish Post. Shame, that we are still in 90' with our export law. Maybe one day they will realize that the best way to boost Polish gross export number is to simplify the law.
Sorry guys for the confusion and lack of info, all the orders placed during my vacation are already being processed, prepared and they will be shipped shortly after I am back :)   Fortunatelly no Yetis here, but instead a caught a flu... go have vacation for a while with 20*C outside and catch a flu, spend whole winter with around -3*C in Poland and be healthy as s horse.... yeah, Murphy's law :)
No need for that - if someone owes somebody an apology is me to you :)
Check your SPAM folder - your email might landed there, if not, I will resend it :)
I would prefer not to - MOT rules, but you know where to find me ;)
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