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Basically your experience (and not only yours) show that there is difference between the cables. If it’s a big one or just a small one depends on the many factors (a topic for a quite thick book) among which the cable itself plays the most important role. As a lot of aspects of how the cable sounds cannot be checked on a frequency response graph or other lab methods and strictly depend on how do we hear the sound, I prefer to design them basing on idea in my head,...
Check your SPAM folder :)
Sometimes quckly, sometimes a bit less quickly, but in the end I think that the other side is satisfied :)
Hahaha, there is a good side too - soon you will have so many FAW USB cables at home that even the printer will be plugged with USB audio cable 
Sorry, for the late responses - It can take one or two days this week. I am out of country and the places I visit have VERY limited access to internet :)
True. I always want to treat others as I would like to be treated buying some equipment or other things for myself :)
It was my bad, but already solved it - its a natural thing to make mistakes sometimes. Nobody is perfect ;)    
Ohh, if you can send me some more detailed info, I will be happy to sort it out :)
GLS is only responsible to deliver packages by Airsure by Royal Mail - all the other packages are delivered by Polish Post. I guess also maybe DHL delivers some packages from Deutsche Post but I am not sure. Prove me wrong, but I don't know any national post that ppl won't complain about :)
 I have to say you were really unlucky - based on my experiences Polish Post is surprisingly very reliable and i have problem with maybe 0,5% of packages. The second time was also not Polish Post fault, but GLS which carries Royal Mail Airsure packages here in Poland :)
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