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Here at FAW we care about your well being as well, so during the harsh winter time just use the supplied wood chips and cardboard box to start a fire and keep yourself warm. Frozen customer is not our favorite type of customer    MMCX connectors come with gasket which makes them more durable, stable and less prone to cutting the signal off. As we all know MMCX was designed for purely industrial usage and it is not perfect for using in earphones and headphones ;)
Cannot respond to you by PM, due to Mot rules, but I will resend you email response in couple of minutes. Apparently it didn't reach you - sorry!
Few business days :)
I wouldn't be surprised if the Furutech itself was almost the same weight as the rest of cable. Somebody broke in to your apartment ? No problem... just grab the cable and take care of the burglar ;)
Yes, exactly. i have basically 3 options   1) Shipping by courier like UPS/DHL or so. The courier takes care of all the export documents for 0% VAT  (BTW. The official textbook for how to fill it in has around 100 pages and the export documents are like usually just 2-3 pages :) ), but its on expensive side - around 50-60Eur worldwide. 2) Shipping by EMS. The 0% VAT export documents can be prepared by 3rd party company for around 30Eur plus EMS itself is 39Eur. Kind of...
I will respond your email and all the other today - expect it in your mail box in next hour or so :)
All the emails will be responded today in the evening, I will also check the SPAM folder if there is any of your emails went there. Stay tuned!
  Exactly :)
 Many thanks you took some time to share your impressions! Good read ;)
 Looks sexy in black with Mojo :)
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