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Thanks to all for taking the time to read and reply! For now I'm going to try and work with AKG Acoustics, U.S. (if I ever get in contact with them) and get them repair the K701 at minimal or no cost, at least for the cable/driver. While I realize not every company is a Six Sigma Black Belt, I'd like to be able to protect my investments and that begins with the manufacturing of a non-defective product. Hopefully they are as cooperative as Shure, who replaced my E4Cs for...
I just got nothing done over the phone with AKG Acoustics, U.S. I called their number for service information and quotations and got an answering machine for someone on vacation with a suggested number to call. I called it and got in contact with another answering machine for someone out of the office until forever but it had yet another number to contact. The third number yielded no response. I am quite satisfied.
Greetings, Head-Fi'ers. I was going to make this a long-winded post until I came to realize huge blocks of text would probably deal critical damage to some readers, so I'm settling for the facts: 1. AKG K701 left driver ceased to function some months ago 2. Unit was out of warranty 3. Recently attempted to determine cause - was able to regain audio in left driver after operating unit in various orientations (~upside-down) 4. Audio would cease when wiggling the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jahn you have to wait until after business hours before you get the "no" replies Quite true! Unless they're really hooked and run around the block and use some wireless connection at a coffee shop to get a quick Head-Fi fix. Currently surfing Head-Fi from work. I don't have to worry about any potential spying - I'm one of the tech goons and if anyone is doing any spying, it's...
Too many people are worried about getting into a "good school" off the bat. What's wrong with transferring? I know a lot of great people who did poorly in high school or didn't quite get into their college of choice, went to community college or some other school and transferred. I think the best example is a friend of my older brother. He got mostly Cs and failed a few classes his first three years in high school and everyone was pretty sure he was going to end up not...
Congrats to you, Ray, and your family on a healthy grandson!
Triple Action Happy Birthday!
May he rest in peace. I loved his appearances on the Scooby Doo cartoons.
I've had 1 IBM, 4 Maxtors, 4 WDs fail on me. I have a 300 GB Hitachi "Deathstar" that's still working great along with two Seagates that have yet to fail. With my experience... Seagate all the way!
Welcome! Be prepared for the battle of the foods.
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