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Revisiting this old thread lol...   I eventually managed to bag a good deal on an RB300.  Paired with that I currently have a Nagaoka MP10 and the combo works very nicely for now.   Anyway, New year will eventually see a psu upgrade, Sub platter, belt and platter too.   Standard cables for now and using the onboard phono stage on the Mira 3.   I'm trying to find the tt psu mk1 and the matching phono stage, But they're like needles in a VERY VERY large haystack...
Haha morning chaps. Sorry I've been quiet in like a year! Life priorities :/ But all is good.
I just did something what I felt was rather strange but right, And I'm wondering if any of you have done the same thing?   I have two pairs of headphones that I love and have used but taken great care of.    Sennheiser HD-25 1 II Adidas Originals. V-Moda V80 True-Bloods.   I've noticed they are quite rare and near impossible to find online to buy. IF so, With high price tags. ( Higher than the original retail. )    As a result today I decided to lovingly place...
Still going strong and sounding so so good after a year :)       
And how about some portable tube action?      
And I unpacked the Voyager. Made by Graham Slee.  Still a very solid contender and amazing headphone amp. :)     
First proper Listening session today after a year. ( As i explained earlier the other day )    These cans were the last Headphone's I purchased. I had them custom built. They are a pair of Senn-Grado's. Sennheiser drivers in a pair of custom made cups ( Wood is Lignum Vitae. ) ( You will find the details/spec in a thread dedicated to the build on my profile )  Custom made cable terminated in an iBasso balanced connector. The balanced to single ended adaptor cable is a...
The velour SA3k pads will fit. I did it with mine and they're fine
Terry Brooks The Measure Of The Magic.
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