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Ahhhh...             Thats it, I promise ;)
Hmm? More?              
And some more...                
Some more..              
Not Rudi Stage, But thought I'ld dig out some of my gear and get some up to date photos of my collection up.  This is not everything as those of you who know me, know.   Anyway, Heres some of my favourite gear and I also decided to give the SOLO>HA-50p Combo a try...... ( Im probably the first to do so too. )          
 Quite a step up in quality isn't it? :) Nice rig ya got there !! :)
 Indeed.Its an age old argument wether cables make a difference or their worth etc.Personally If a cable is built to a very high standard makes an improvement in sound and I know is going to withstand a lot of wear, then Im ok spending a competitive price for a cable.Would I spend between $100 & $500 ( around 300gbp? ) Yes.would I spend $1000 upward? Highly unlikely.
 Very nice indeed! :) Doesn't the sub effect the floor stander its behind or vice versa?
Its very soothing :)
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