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There, All of the above :)
  They're the 50th Anniversary HD414.They've been lovingly looked after by their previous owner.I bought them from him on eBay.And they'll get the same from me :)
Yay, my SGs arrived in all their sexy woodiness......
Im a happy head-fier today!   1. My Pelican is alive again thanks to iBasso sending a brand new battery. 2. My Senn-Grado's arrived just after!     Rockbox'd iPod 5.5g  Mundorf Gold LOD iBasso Pelican PB2 Fully Balanced Senn-Grado ( Specs in My Senn-Grado Build Thread )    Listening to Jean Michel Jarre " Les Chants Magnetiques " & " Les Concerts En Chine " From my JMJ FLAC discography.   Right now, Im REALLY enjoying my new cans, They really are something...
 That's Not a "Poor Kid" Rig, Don't be daft! :)  Its more a Budget Rig, Which is perfectly fine. We all have to start somewhere, And Believe me, I started at the bottom, And Im still not done 29 years later lmao!!!  Thats a good rig to start with my friend :)
And Finally, They're here!                          I was expecting something awesome, But these headphones really are a work of art! And they sound sublime! Very smooth and natural, Really good bass extension.   @cCasper TFG This cable is brilliant mate, So well made! It's Perfect! @JoeDoe The Assembly is flawless dude! They feel better made than my SR60's! @fleasbaby Please send my thanks to Jim, The Cups are beautiful and even...
They've landed...     Come on Royal Mail, I want my Senn-Grado's already!!!!!
Hello Fellow NX1 owner, Looks like a nice rig there!!Is the Fuze Rockbox'd?p.s. Which model of Fuze is that please?
     Awesome!!! :)
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