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It's been a while amigo's!   My BAD lol :P   Anyway, I still have my stack and will never get rid.  However, Since I was last on here Ive really found myself sizing down when Im out of the house.   This is my go-to portable rig.   Source - iPhone 6 Plus. Cans - Sennheiser HD25.1.II Adidas Originals. Remote - Apple Watch Sport 42mm ( Space Grey )   This is everything I need in an outdoor rig.    
Sorry it's been a while you lot lol. No big changes here as I've been throwing money at other things lately. This is my favourite rig at home for now. Fully balanced all the way. I think my next upgrade is going to be a DAP capable of higher res output.
Question for my audiophile, headphile, DJ, Sound engineer etc friends….. I have a rapidly growing collection of DSD/FLAC etc files that I listen to a lot on my portable and desktop headphone rigs, However, Ild like to listen to them on my main hi-fi as well. I can run my macbook through a DAC to my amp, However, I only hold about 5% of my digital audio collection on the macbook, Its a pain having to move files around all the time and watching hdd space. So I'm looking into...
 He can have mine 'n all 
  Thanks mate!Just edited my last post for ya ;) The pipe I have doesn't chuck out major clouds compared to some of my gear, However I find it very adequate for a relaxing Rig Side Vape and it does produce very good vapour, Just not sub ohm clouds or borderline sub clouds. Im looking at a few new pipes now that will be more versatile with various tanks/batteries etc so I can get more out of them. Would love an RDA based Pipe capable of Sub Ohm vaping.I think it would...
 When I said I was getting some new gear soon, This is kinda what happened 2 weeks before christmas….   List -  RDA/RTA/RBA/Tank…. Tobh with Chuff Top 0.8Ohm Dual CoilPerseus with Tugboat Drip Tip 0.3Ohm Dual CoilFogger V4 with long Drip Tip 0.5Ohm Dual CoilAspire Atlantis x2 0.5Ohm Single CoilKangertech Aerotank Mega 1.8Ohm Dual CoilKangertech Aerotank Mini 1.8Ohm Single Coil Kangertech Protank 3 x2 1.5Ohm Dual CoilKangertech Protank 3 Mini x2 1.5Ohm Single CoiliClear 30...
iPod classic Cypherlabs Algoryhthm solo Ibasso boomslang db2 Ibasso pelican pb2 Balanced interconnect between the iBasso units, short coax between the DACs and a usb LOD between the iPod and solo. All made by Toxic Cables. The headphones are a balanced pair of one off SennGrado's
Thanks man! It's a Stingray Clone with a Fogger V4 RTA. Its my first mech mod and rebuild able. I'm running in single coil confit for now but I'm very pleased with it.
Ok so its not portable lol, Its my transportable rig thats currently my main/recliner side listening/vaping/chilling station....      
The latter lol, athough I have taken it on a long train ride or to a hotel etc.
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