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The V-80's are great amped or unamped.I find the amp just helps the highs feel crisper and not as veiled.
This.We've all been new here at some point
I wouldn't know what you were talking about................... 
Damn Good Album :)
Thanks my friend! :)
If any of you own the Beyerdynamic Tesla T70P or T70, Please try them with your HA-P50 if you haven't already. Im finding this to be a very nice combo!! Low noise floor, Crisp Natural highs, Prominent but not overbearing mids, Good solid bass with decent extension. Im currently listening to Manu Katche's Neighbourhood and its very enjoyable!   Sax is smooth and airy Precusion is really coming forward without drowning out other instruments. Piano notes are very clear...
iPod Classic 6th Gen FAW Digital LOD Teac HA-P50 Beyerdynamic Tesla T70p   Im finding these headphones with this amp is a very very sweet combo!
Welcome to Head-Fi and We're very sorry about your Wallet!!!As for that cable I myself am unsure, But you've most certainly come to the right place!!If you cant find somewhere to buy one, Its only a matter of time before you find someone willing to make you one, Or you may even end up making one yourself. 
A little Update. I got fed up with the TV being way too high for my eye level and my neck was suffering from it lol... So we took the unit apart and "modified" it -    Before -     And After -                      Its only a matter of inches, But its made a HUGE difference!  With this lower position the Viewing angle is now perfect and we're now noticing more of what this TV can actually do. Really happy with the outcome :)
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