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Haha morning chaps. Sorry I've been quiet in like a year! Life priorities :/ But all is good.
I just did something what I felt was rather strange but right, And I'm wondering if any of you have done the same thing?   I have two pairs of headphones that I love and have used but taken great care of.    Sennheiser HD-25 1 II Adidas Originals. V-Moda V80 True-Bloods.   I've noticed they are quite rare and near impossible to find online to buy. IF so, With high price tags. ( Higher than the original retail. )    As a result today I decided to lovingly place...
Still going strong and sounding so so good after a year :)       
And how about some portable tube action?      
And I unpacked the Voyager. Made by Graham Slee.  Still a very solid contender and amazing headphone amp. :)     
First proper Listening session today after a year. ( As i explained earlier the other day )    These cans were the last Headphone's I purchased. I had them custom built. They are a pair of Senn-Grado's. Sennheiser drivers in a pair of custom made cups ( Wood is Lignum Vitae. ) ( You will find the details/spec in a thread dedicated to the build on my profile )  Custom made cable terminated in an iBasso balanced connector. The balanced to single ended adaptor cable is a...
The velour SA3k pads will fit. I did it with mine and they're fine
Terry Brooks The Measure Of The Magic.
Sgt Peppers
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