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Haha Cheers man! I really need to save some cash and go higher end than what Im currently running, But now we've moved money is tighter so I'll have to wait.... Right now I need to get an iPod Classic ( One in the pics is my wife's! ) and a DX50. I love my iPod 5.5g but its aged, and it won't handshake with any DAC. I'll get there eventually lol.....   However, If I had the money, I'ld go out and get an AK100 or RWAK100 right now. If Only there was such a thing as a...
 Looks amazing dude! :) For a moment I thought I was looking at a "Rudi Rig" :) :) :)
Well for me I find the bass is still plentiful, but a touch more controlled. Highs are as crisp as the 25's but less bright. Mids seem a bit more natural.   Mine have the advantage of being fully balanced and powered by a fully balanced rig. I had the 25's balanced as well and the Amperiors have benefited more than the 25's have.   weird eh?   ;)
I have re-cabled both my HD25's and my Amperiors to White Widow Cable and although its not a  Massive difference, There is definitely an improvement, And you also get a more rugged cable thats less inclined to tangle and break etc. :)
Once I have my shelf in place above my desk,  I'll be doing the same with my Fostex but will be angling them downwards instead. Haha I also am in need of a Sub for my monitors, The PM0.4n's are fantastic but they lack in the bass department too.
And this makes total sense!
 Bootcamp works for me flawlessly. Sony portable devices aren't picked up by mac running OS X, Not sure about a mac running windows.Anyway, I love my macs but wanted to toy around with a media based windows pc that had a small form factor. Being a Big Sony fan helped with the decision quite a lot LOL.
Decided to give the Little Bear a decent listen today... iPod vid 5.5g rockbox'd. Silver Leopard LOD. Little Bear B1 Tube Amplifier. Sony MDR-SA5000. Source file - Tron Legacy OST, 320kbps MP3. I know I know..... A £10 amp running a pair of £500 cans lol. The irony wasn't missed on me. How did it go? We'll the B1 certainly has enough grunt to run the SA5Ks and my HD400s ( not in pictures ) The sound is pretty warm and natural, but with a decent level of...
Yes I could dual boot if I wanted and I do on my iMac at my parents house, but ild rather have mine home here seperate. Plus boot camp doesn't support windows 8 yet as far I know. My other reason is I have a collection of sony portable gear that is not recognised on a mac, same goes for the sony sonic stage software.
I learned a very long time ago to store my drives in a place where they can breath but not be accidentally knocked over or have stuff spilt on them. Having a child does that lol.
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