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  iPod Touch 1st Gen Teac HA-P50 V-Moda V80
Thank you :)
Frank, YGPM :)
Very cool, Thanks for the link!   Come on, It doesn't have to look the nuts! Share what ya got :)   Does anyone know if I can buy the DX50 or DX90 from a distributer in the UK? If so Could someone share a link please.
Looks like a very nice rig.  Both aesthetically and obviously it sounds awesome too! :) :) :)
Cool! Im glad Ive opted for the L-Cush for my SennGrado.  Im really looking forward to being the owner of a pair of these.
Are these the L-Cush Cushions?
Im really loving my HA-P50 it just keeps getting better by the month. Now with Sony, JVC/Kenwood, Teac/Onkyo & Denon all on the portable bandwagon,  I would love to see Technics step into the portable realm as part of their return! Maybe even Marantz, Philips, & a few UK brands, - Arcam and Rega being the two I would LOVE to see step into portable. But this is another topic for another time and place lol.
Love the finish on them!! Ive got my pre-order in now. Cant wait to pay up and get a set of these in my collection.   Going with a nice Lignum Vitae, L-Cush Pads, Braided Cable etc... The wood looks really nice and from what Ive read,  They'll have excellent acoustics!! :)
arnevf....   Here ya go -        Ya need 10 posts at least to be able to post pics ;)
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