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Definitely!! I love my BR2's but keep getting these ideas about buying some B&W's or maybe some Focal's.But its the wife's dagger eyes that are keeping that idea at bay lol!
I still need to get a clamp but keep buying headphones instead lol
My beloved SR60i's just before i sold them. I may not have them anymore, But they sowed the seed. Now waiting on a pair of one-off SennGrado's,  I now also own the iGrado MKII's and  I'm seriously considering a pair of 325's or if I can stretch to it, A Pair of RS1's.  
We're ALL addicts here! 
Funnily enough Ive just ordered a pair of Sony MDR-570LP for winter use. Ive been struggling with pain in my ears for the past 4 months, And its a bad infection. Cant use my In-Ears at all as it hurts too much to even try to put them in. Im not happy about any of my existing cans getting exposed to the elements so I jumped on these.
It would be like Ferrari making a new car that cost £2000 brand new and drove worse than a fiat 500!
What the HELL happened to Nakamichi.????
Thanks Spud! Glad to have you here :)
Mine were started today and still have to go to @cCasper TFG  for cabling. So Im not sure when they'll be done and coming across the pond.
Ok so some balanced pics....                                              
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