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Got it in a trade. Previous owner never used them so they're still quite new. Burned in for approximately 20 hours. Warm, smooth with a strong bass. Open to trades. 
 When I first got the iems I think I mentioned that the IT03 has a very distinct TWFK flavor which some would probably describe as metallic or digital sounding. This would be in direct opposition to the kind of 'tubey', 'warm', 'gooey', 'analog', 'organic' sound that iems such as the tenores or TFZ5s are known for (I owned the tenores and modded TFZ5s which were hyped over at the 'website which cannot be named' and adored them for being cheap, fun and technically quite...
 You're right. It's just some poorly recorded track while I was shuffling through the library. I don't hear it on my usual audition playlist which I'm very familiar with so I'm positive that it's not the iems. I think I've burnt it in about 30 hours now. So far I feel that there's less distortion on the same tracks. I also feel that the mids are much more forward as others have reported.
 I get a bit of pain in the lowe part of my ear canal after a while. Perhaps i have my cable cinch pulled up too high. I'll try loosen it. If it still doesn't help, I'm gonna switch tips to see if that affects the comfort. I have a pair of spinfits lying somewhere. 
I'm hearing some distortion in my music through the dx80. Anyone noticed that while burning in their iems? Quite apparent in the bass region. I'm hoping that it's part of the burn in process. 
4 hours in, running from nexus 5x, spotify 320 streams. Havent had the chance to run them through my dx80 for critical listening. These things sound pretty good. Fit is good although I must say that they're not the most comfortable iems. You definitely know they're there unlike say phonaks (but few iems are as comfortable as phonaks tbh). Someone mentioned the iems sounding hollow. Happened to me with stock tips but changed em up and they sounded more 'normal' after that....
Bought from massdrop in July to try, dual operating system, rockbox and stock firmware. Still under massdrop warranty. You get a nice case too. 
Hey guys. Have anyone of you had the opportunity to compare this with the xduoo x3? Was wondering if this was much better in terms of sq. Thank you. 
Ordered mine from penon! Can't wait to get em. 
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