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I'm thinking of getting the vorpal to pair with my um Merlins. Anyone has a more detailed review of the cables other than the passing comment a few pages back?
You'd have to contact Stephen guo of um global. He'd be able to give you your answer. :-)
Hi all. Yep they do! The vents are very small metal tubings. I got them for sgd900 in all. The local distributor has a sale going on this July. They sell all of the um series and after trying the whole lineup, i liked the Merlins the best. I even preferred it to the mentors. The demo sets were all hand made acrylic universals and i had expected mine to be so but apparently um now 3d prints the universals so its much2 faster, not to mention a smaller body which is very...
They're the same as the um mentor universal body, with the metal tube and all. I'll post pictures when i can.
I just got my 3d printed universal merlins! Waited 2 and a half weeks for them and voila. Got them through Stereo SG. The build quality is okay. Its not an even black shell. Some transparent specks. Plus its not even solid black like I ticked in the order form. Wasnt expecting a flawless build. I has a pair of customs from Heir while the Wizard was still there. So I dont think anything would come close to those. On the upside, running them through my dx90. Very...
Oooh. The dragonfly eh. Anyone tried the rhas with the dx90? Kinda interested in the dx90.
Can anyone comment on how the ma750s sound with some DAPs and if they sound better with amplification? I'm only using them with my sansa Fuze right now. Thank you.
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