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 Aaaah. That's reassuring. Thank you. Really appreciate the comparison and explanation. I've owned four hybrid iems in my lifetime. The Astrotec AX35, Dn 2000, the ASG 1+ and UM Merlin. Of the four, I only found the Merlin and ASG 1+ to have been well implemented and coherent (to my knowledge the ASG 1+ didn't have crossovers so coherency wasn't an issue for it). So naturally the question of crossover implementation and coherency is one of great concern to me. 
Appreciate the impressions people. I was just wondering if people find the IT03 to be a coherent sounding iem? That's my main worry when it comes to hybrids. Thanks. 
Barely used, pristine condition, month old. Burned in on desktop rig for about 100 hours and used at home for about 5 times. Never brought outdoors. Did the harakiri mod and installed alchocol swab filters under the original filters. Eartips and accessories not used because I have my own spinfits. PP and shipping included. 
Lear ae1d has to come with standard and advanced nozzles.
Make me an offer if you're planning to sell your iems. 
 Aaaaah. I see. That explains. Well I have no problem waiting. Have been waiting since June. What's another month right. Also, glad to know that it's being circulated to reviewers. Hope to read impressions soon enough. 
Yes I'm aware of that. Just curious as to why the PM4, despite being ahead of the hunter and pm6 in terms of completion and production, wasn't showcased at canjam. I also read somewhere in the thread that the PM4 demo was supposed to have been circulated amongst a group of trusted reviewers before its official release. So is that still happening? 
Hey guys. Ordered the PM4 sometime in June. So honest question here. How is it that there are impressions of products which haven't had their tuning finalized (pm6 and hunter) and none at all for a product which has been sent for production and due for delivery in a few weeks? Am I missing something here?
Cups and rings are from mod house audio btw. They're having a sale now.
I'm outside now but I'll post some later when I get home. But they look like in the videos above.
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