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Got it from Penon Audio. Comes with hard case and two sets of tips. Shipping and paypal included. 
PM me if you're planning to get rid of your unit. 
PM me if you're planning to get rid of your unit. 
It's the V2. There aren't many V1's around. If I remember right, the V2s are the aggressive version. But there really isn't going to be much difference if you ask garage1217 or read the forums.    
Great condition. You pay shipping. Throw in another $15 for Focus A pads.
Min condition. Wanted to see if there's any interest in my amp. Shipping and paypal included. Will come with rca to 3.5mm female cable. Aboyt 3.5 years of warranty left. Save yourself $50 bucks and get this instead of a new one. 
Pristine condition. No smoke, no pet, no children household. Paypal and shipping included. Also willing to trade with modi2 uber, smsl m6, audinst mx2, basically a budget dac or dac/amp unit.  
 I read your review and asked you some questions about it in the same thread! Haha. Didn't realize it was the same person who responded to my question in that thread. I hope I'm not annoying you so much. There really aren't that many DeltaV2 reviews on the internet. I'm curious but at the same time very apprehensive because of my past experience with hybrids. Thank you for the link to Brooko's impressions. I'll probably wait some more for detailed reviews since there's...
  Hey there. Thanks for your reply. Really appreciate it. Could you describe the tone of the Delta V2, maybe compare it to some of the other iems you own? Thank you.  So the master 4 has 2 hybrids and 2 armature units and there is no crossover? Sounds like how the Aurisonics ASG1+ iems in terms of engineering. I wonder what the advantages of having multiple drivers no crossover drivers are. Anyone can chime in? Anyway people seem to be very happy with the DeltaV2. I almost...
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