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I've managed to break my RE272. I am looking for someone in Australia, ideally Sydney, who I can pay to fix them. The shell on one side has split, one half has the driver in it, the other half is connected to the cable. So, I think all they need is the driver pins soldered back onto the cable and the shell glued back together. Anyone interested in having a crack? I'll pay for parts and labour.
I managed to break my RE272. It was out of waranty by Hifiman offered be $195 upgrade price for an RE600. I have a RE400 which I'm not super impressed with, they lack treble energy, clarity and air for me. I had not been interested in the RE600 for that reason and because it seemed the general consensus was that they were quite average and vastly over-priced. But for $195... the question is whether I crack them out and give them a try or just sell them sealed... Being very...
Wasn't sure quite where to put this thread... I've broken my RE272s :-( I managed to rip the housing on one side in half, the driver is in the piece that broke off and has disconnected from the pins going down to the cable. I think it should be a straight forward repair, just resolder the driver pins on and glue the housing back together.   Wondering whether there were any Australian-based (Sydney ideally) head-fiers who might have the tools and skills to fix them for...
white = FAIL. It's not 2006 FFS. Wake me up when the RE400i is released.
I'm after some earphones with iPhone controls and mic. I want them to be cable-down, small barrel and easy fitting with a nice balanced sound. An RE400 with iphone controls would be perfect. I'm thinking maybe Audiofly AF45M? Any other suggestions? Price range sub-$300, ideally closer to $100.
Looking for a set of Philips Fidelio S2 earphones. PM me is you have some.
Is there a smart cable available for these models?
Just finished a bottle of quarter cask, was drinking it alongside an Uigedahl and a Caol Ila cask strength. I've got a bunch of cask strength islays queued up now, A laga 12 cask strength, Ardbeg Corryvreckan, Laphroaig cairdeas, a laphroaig 10 yo cask strength. I've also got some samples of some old laphroaig cask strengths I got from whisky samples, very excited about those, they are legendary.
Want to get some wireless headphones for watching TV in the small hours with a baby. They don't need to be world beaters, just the best option at $50 or so. A wireless HD201 would be ideal. Prefer closed back but open are probably okay. The need to connect to an old-ish Denon stereo, so 3.5mm to bass station I guess?
Selling my ZX1. Bought it from Sony Australia a few months ago when they first came out and still have the receipt and all original packaging and accessories. Used sparingly so basically in as-new condition.   $600 after paypal, local pick up in inner Sydney or $13.40 shipping within Australia.
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