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Just finished a bottle of quarter cask, was drinking it alongside an Uigedahl and a Caol Ila cask strength. I've got a bunch of cask strength islays queued up now, A laga 12 cask strength, Ardbeg Corryvreckan, Laphroaig cairdeas, a laphroaig 10 yo cask strength. I've also got some samples of some old laphroaig cask strengths I got from whisky samples, very excited about those, they are legendary.
Want to get some wireless headphones for watching TV in the small hours with a baby. They don't need to be world beaters, just the best option at $50 or so. A wireless HD201 would be ideal. Prefer closed back but open are probably okay. The need to connect to an old-ish Denon stereo, so 3.5mm to bass station I guess?
Selling my ZX1. Bought it from Sony Australia a few months ago when they first came out and still have the receipt and all original packaging and accessories. Used sparingly so basically in as-new condition.   $600 after paypal, local pick up in inner Sydney or $13.40 shipping within Australia.
Think I'm going to sell my ZX1, just don't need it and my iMod. It's in basically as new condition having seen minimal use. I've still got the packaging and invoice from Sony Australia. Prefer to sell in Australia, ideally Sydney. $600 plus shipping/paypal.
So I'm about to send these off. I'm not going to write a full review, I've had a bad head cold for the past week and my ears have been a bit blocked and I struggled to get a good fit with these. So I don't think I've had time to assess them properly. But here are my partial conclusions...   Build/fit/aesthetics: The build quality on these is excellent, solid and under-stated. The housing is huge, so much so that I had difficulty getting a good fit.   Switch: This is...
I have heaps of tips but almost none fitted. Audiofly was all I could get on it.
I've got the PR now. Had a lot of trouble getting them to fit. They have a huge nozzle and the barrel is very chunky. Using some audiofly complys I had not and seem to have a good seal. Initial impressions, I'm finding the switch idea a bit disconcerting. The two profiles are very different, switching mid song makes them sound horrible. But I'm getting used to it now. In switch up mode, they are smooth and very clean, switch down and they are more aggressive and faster. I...
My review is up. Thanks again to djvkool for organising this. I really liked these phones.
 I have very narrow canals, I use the T100 but trim some foam from the back end. They isolate a little less but I don't often listen while standing next to a jet engine so it's okay ;-) but they are more comfy like that.
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