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I own the H6 but have auditioned the P7 a lot at the Apply store. The P7 is thicker and warmer, much more bass. But it's still retains good detail and treble extension. I find it very hard to pick between them. I went for the H6, I think the P7 is a little too blingy to wear out but if I has unlimited money I'd definitely have both.
I see they've got a RE400 with iphone phone mic now. Any word on a mic version of the RE600?
What I love about the RE600 is the imaging, by that I mean the combination of sound stage, instrument placement and separation. I'd rank them above the ER-4S in that regard.
One of mine is a bit like that. I initially wondered if that was why mine were much less dark than their reputation.
I use sennheiser CX/IE tips on mine, I've always found those very good, they use a very good grippy silicon that stays in my ear really well.
 You'd probably get a better upgrade with an external DAC than an amp. Although a combined DAC/amp unit would be evern better. You can get cheap USB DACs (eg. sabre) that are significant improvement than apple onboard.
 I'm listening to mine again. They've now had about 60-70 hours of pink noise, FWIW, and they are still nowhere near 'dark'. They are 'warmish' at best IMO, definitely smooth. They don't have as sparkly treble as the DBA02 and similar TWFK-based phones. I would say they are quite close to the ER-4S, that is, smooth, natural treble extension, rather than splashy/metallic treble. They're probably a fraction warmer in the mids and lack a smidge of treble detail against the...
They have offices in China and the US, it's cheaper to post to China from Australia so that's what I did.
 I find the consensus about the darkness of the 600 bizarre unless Hifiman have changed the tuning recently. I'm a ER-4S/RE-272 kinda guy and to me the 600s are not dark. They are tonally similar to the 400 but because they have better space and separation, they sound brighter than the 400. I was doing some A-Bing yesterday with my ER-4S and they are only a fraction brighter than the 600s. The main difference between them is the 600 has a marginally boosted and midrange,...
 You have got to be kidding me. They made me send back my re-272 for the "upgrade" price and a week later they discount it 50%. I could have saved the postage to China AND tried to get my RE-272 repaired. It already annoyed me that they made me send it back given they will just chuck it in the bin, but this is appalling.
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