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Still no sign of these. Wonder what it means when there are really long delays after what seemed to be fully finished demo models.
 No, no static from mouse movement, only when sound is playing through it.
Any more word on these?
I have a Sabre DAC I've been using for a while. Just switched it to a new Dell PC. It's started going static-y. If I unplug it and plug it in again is corrects. Is this likely a problem with the DAC or the USB port or something else?
I would call them beautifully balanced and natural, but the fall on the bright end of the headphone spectrum. 
It's a while since I've heard the W5000 but it is a very unique headphone, even within the AT line up.The H6 won't be quite as detailed or fast as the W5000, but it's in the same ball park in terms of where it sits on the spectrum. So I reckon it will suit what you're looking for.
Sounds like yours has piano set to zero by mistake. If you take the ear cups off there are settings for each individual instrument.
I own the H6 but have auditioned the P7 a lot at the Apply store. The P7 is thicker and warmer, much more bass. But it's still retains good detail and treble extension. I find it very hard to pick between them. I went for the H6, I think the P7 is a little too blingy to wear out but if I has unlimited money I'd definitely have both.
I see they've got a RE400 with iphone phone mic now. Any word on a mic version of the RE600?
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