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Bump price drop.
Selling my iMod. It's a 5.5 gen iPod that's had a 256gb solid state drive installed as well as the Red Wine Audio treatment. It had a new motherboard and battery installed about two years ago and it is going strong. The screen has a few small defects but they do not effect performance. Comes with an excellent low-profile LOD made by a fellow headfier and a spare ALO one.   Also comes with Headstage Arrow amp.   Looking for $650 shipped in Australia. Prefer cash or bank...
Bump. Open to offers.
These were sealed when I bought them and I have not used them very much. The ER-4 has always been an elusive headphone for me, perfect sound, but I can't tolerate the deep insertion. I bought these mainly to keep as a reference while using other phones for daily use. But my priorities have shifted and it's time to let them go.   Let know if you want to see pics and I can add some, but there's not much to see. They are the all black version and will come in the Ety hard...
Still no sign of these. Wonder what it means when there are really long delays after what seemed to be fully finished demo models.
 No, no static from mouse movement, only when sound is playing through it.
Any more word on these?
I have a Sabre DAC I've been using for a while. Just switched it to a new Dell PC. It's started going static-y. If I unplug it and plug it in again is corrects. Is this likely a problem with the DAC or the USB port or something else?
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