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I unfortunately never received any PM prior to the one I sent earlier today. In any case, please feel free to contact me at any time at
Indeed, still available. PM'ed.
Although our dealings have been outside of Head-Fi, I can certainly vouch for Vlooienuker as a great seller (and individual) to work with. If I didn't own them already, I'd honestly jump on the Mad Dog's myself, as it outta be an easy fix by Dan. Good luck to you. I'm sure that, soon enough, they'll make someone out there very happy!
I'm interested in purchasing a second-hand DACmini PX. If you happen to own one, in relatively new or like new condition, and would consider selling it, please PM me. Thank you.
I'm interested in purchasing an EX1000, preferably the Japanese version with the 1YR warranty and extra cable included. Though I wouldn't mind the non-Japanese version either. If anyone here has one they'd consider selling, in relatively new or like new condition, please PM m. Thank you.
Image attached. Apologies for the poor quality. Rest assured, the unit itself is in absolute MINT condition.
I purchased these from our good friend warp08, and they arrived just yesterday. I don't wish to sound redundant, so please refer to the original sales ad for the details. I purchased these on a whim, merely to see how they compare to my HE-6. Needless to say, second ONLY to the HE-6, these are the best damn headphones I've ever heard, and I've owned my fair share. In truth, I'm probably going to regret selling these at some point. Yes, they really do sound THAT good....
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