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Look here:
Get the Koss KSC-50 for $15. You won't be sorry. Read HeadRoom's praise here:
My fake ALPS stepped attenuator makes the speakers/headphones pop when turning. Sounds like it's a break-before-make type. Can I stop this pop by wiring a resistor (say 500Kohm) in parallel, and would there be any bad side effects from doing this?
They quoted me like $50/each for the EL2009's, in small quantities. Rather expensive..
Forgot to mention that my power amp has an input impedance of 20kohms. Could this relatively high impedance compared to headphones be the difference?
Thanks for the reply. I'm using 2x EL2002 output buffers fed by an AD8620 op-amp in a multiloop configuration. I jumpered across R8/R9 and normally I get no hiss even if I use low impedance headphones. I tried using a 75ohm resistor in series between the META42 and the power amp but it didn't help at all. I also tried a shorter cable, which also didn't help.
I have a stock META42 in a Hammond case, and it works fine without any audible hiss/hum using headphones. When I try to use this thing as a preamp I get a buzz that sounds like a 60hz hum, and also some hiss. Is this a ground loop problem, and how can I fix it? I'm using a fake ALPS pot. Does that need to be grounded? It's mounted onto a plastic face plate. Input appreciated. Thanks. edit: Got rid of the buzz (I'm an idiot: was using tape-out from amp to META42 instead...
I already have 3x2 EL2002's on the META42 board. * If I were to replace those with single 2008/2009's, would I see a huge improvement? * Do I need to replace the 2 EL2002's used as VGD with a 2008/2009? * What do I do about heat? If I plug in 2009's would there be a problem?
Actually, it seems like Tangent's site gives you more than a token mention now:
Thanks for your hard work, ppl. I'm sure there are many like me who have benefited from, and appreciate, your contributions to the DIY community, but who have not expressed their gratitude.
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