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Can just this issue be purchased for less than $35? I don't want to pay for a year's worth at $35, at least not without checking out the magazine first.
Cuz it's street style, yo. You know, when you out in the streets, you can't have no headphone resting on yo head. Everybody from the streets knows that ****'s gotta go behind the neck, yo.
A pair of KSC-50's from Circuit City for $15 is surprisingly good. I doubt even the top Sennheisers would make you much happier for PC games. I know they won't for me, though I don't play PC games much.
I think it's the CMoy. I find the CMoy that I build myself to sound bright and thin. If volume control was not an issue I'd just stick my headphones into a non-portable CD player's jack. I don't understand why people like the CMoy so much (or at all). It sounds worse than most other headphone jacks I've tried, including jacks from CD players, integrated amps, etc. On the other hand, I've since built the META42, and I think that deserves all the raves it gets.
Look here:
Get the Koss KSC-50 for $15. You won't be sorry. Read HeadRoom's praise here:
My fake ALPS stepped attenuator makes the speakers/headphones pop when turning. Sounds like it's a break-before-make type. Can I stop this pop by wiring a resistor (say 500Kohm) in parallel, and would there be any bad side effects from doing this?
They quoted me like $50/each for the EL2009's, in small quantities. Rather expensive..
Forgot to mention that my power amp has an input impedance of 20kohms. Could this relatively high impedance compared to headphones be the difference?
Thanks for the reply. I'm using 2x EL2002 output buffers fed by an AD8620 op-amp in a multiloop configuration. I jumpered across R8/R9 and normally I get no hiss even if I use low impedance headphones. I tried using a 75ohm resistor in series between the META42 and the power amp but it didn't help at all. I also tried a shorter cable, which also didn't help.
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