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I have done a test using "proper" comparison procedures as described in my post in a previous thread: http://www4.head-fi.org/forums/showt...threadid=20223 and in my opinion, Ogg Vorbis at 128kbps (nominal) is worse than MP3. There is one track where the symbol has a rather noticeably strange decay under OV but not under LAME/MP3/128kbps. I have not yet found one such instance in the MP3 tracks. Based on my limited testing, my opinion is that OV is just hype.
Were your evaluations done under proper conditions, as mentioned above? Did you do a blind test?
As, promised, the MP3 vs CD articles. There are actually 2. Basically, they did a first one with audio enthusiasts in an "audio club" and these people can't tell a difference, for the most part. Then they redid the test with a few very select people who are audio compression specialists, they could more or less tell a difference. First article: http://www.soundandvisionmag.com/Sou...2020_1,00.html Second araticle: http://www.soundandvisionmag.com/Sou..._cm_00,00.html
I have done some blind tests with 128kbps MP3's, using myself and 3 other subjects, that suggest MP3 encoding does not deserve nearly the bad reputation it gets on the internet. First, let me point out some flaws in almost EVERYONE's evaluation of MP3's. No offense, but chances are YOUR evaluation is also flawed. I know this from having posted on other audio forums. 1. Getting MP3's from the iternet and evaluating against one's own CD. This is probably the way most...
Bright and tinny is exactly how I would describe the CMoy amp I built (tried AD843, OPA2134). The META42 (AD8620), though, sounds great. I would say it has an extended frequency response. Not harsh, not tinny, and not bright. It just sounds "neutral".
I don't see a good reason why people should be so heavily against copy-protection unless they intend to pirate the music, which it sounds like that is everyone's intent here. Some blame the recording industry for charging outrageous prices. Remember, they're charging outrageous prices because you're paying outrageous prices. It's a capitalist system. You fight the monopoly by boycotting them, by buying from smaller labels, by suing them for anti-trust violations, etc., not...
Can just this issue be purchased for less than $35? I don't want to pay for a year's worth at $35, at least not without checking out the magazine first.
Cuz it's street style, yo. You know, when you out in the streets, you can't have no headphone resting on yo head. Everybody from the streets knows that ****'s gotta go behind the neck, yo.
A pair of KSC-50's from Circuit City for $15 is surprisingly good. I doubt even the top Sennheisers would make you much happier for PC games. I know they won't for me, though I don't play PC games much.
I think it's the CMoy. I find the CMoy that I build myself to sound bright and thin. If volume control was not an issue I'd just stick my headphones into a non-portable CD player's jack. I don't understand why people like the CMoy so much (or at all). It sounds worse than most other headphone jacks I've tried, including jacks from CD players, integrated amps, etc. On the other hand, I've since built the META42, and I think that deserves all the raves it gets.
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