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You probably want to use a good amp too. From the jack of my integrateds they sound rather muddy as you described. With the META42 they're brilliant.
Gold generally makes the component look better, and better looks improve sound. That is certainly measurable.
aos, can you tell us where you get the gold plated ones, I assume the NJ3FP6C-B? There have been discussions before and nobody seems to carry them.
Try doing a search here. There are many posts on the RA-1. Particular interesting are the ones that reveal the RA-1 to be a simple CMOY circuit worth about $5 in parts.
...and how much longer till completion?
How difficult is the soldering going to be for this thing? Sounds like at least 4X24 for attaching switch to board, and 4X24 for the resistors themselves. That's a total of 192 solder points.
Thanks for your efforts, morsel, and the rest of the PPA team.
Quote: Again, you can't say that the hole should be there only if crossfeed is wanted. Oh, absolutely. What I mean is, crossfeed (or bass boost) is not too important for me, but if the reference design/face plate comes with it, I'd be happy to add it, if only to fill up the holes. In summary: "I don't think you can go wrong with this amp. ask anyone, and they will probably say 'I love it except for one little thing...' and that little thing will...
My preferences: 1. Any gold-plated RCA jacks, such as Radio Shack's. 2. One set of input RCA's, one set of output RCA's in parallel with headphone jack. Both sets on the back panel. 3. Any good-looking 1/4" jack is fine. I don't care about the locking part. In fact, I'd rather pull the jack out by accident than rip my headphones off my head by accident. The possible accidental output short, to me, is a very low expect cost of not more than a dollar, given the low...
Tangent: I hadn't thought about the routing issues you brought up. Thanks for pointing them out. Quote: Before we can even think of board mounting everything, we have to get everyone to agree on a single set of components. What I had in mind was that the designers will choose a single set of components and layout -- just like the set of resistor values. You don't have to please everyone exactly. It will be a compromise: people who use the "reference"...
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