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I'm building a PPA and I want to have 2 sets of input RCA jacks. Is it OK to tie together all the input grounds and switch only the signals with a DPDT switch? I intend both inputs to come from home stereo components. Would this cause ground loop problems and such? I'm using the Hammond case with metal faceplates so I'd just tie them through the case. Thanks.
Stereophile tends to list components in class K that are from manufacturers that advertise heavily. For example, the MF v3 amp is in class K because they had the v2 listed before it was discontinued. But MF is a heavy advertiser, so the v3 gets listed automatically in class K. Now would be a good time for MF to advertise some more so the v3 will get bumped to class A/B/C again. One might wonder why Stereophile drops components that they haven't reviewed in a while. Is...
I just got these at Rite Aid for $10, and I don't get what all the excitement is about. You do get a lot of material for $10: a full over-the-ear headphone with some sound isolation, gold plugs, and individual volume adjustment. But in terms of sound quality, the KSC-50's, for $15 at Circuit City, blow these to bits and pieces. The 170's are very muffled sounding, probably with a high frequency cutoff of 8-10khz, and what's there is not very clean. Also the headband...
Mike, don't say Mozart has no bass. Classical music has most wonderful bass, if you hear it live. The cellos and double basses can give a wonderful warmth to the music. It is bass that blooms but doesn't boom. It takes a very good, big system to reproduce it, and it's just not the same on headphones.
You probably want to use a good amp too. From the jack of my integrateds they sound rather muddy as you described. With the META42 they're brilliant.
Gold generally makes the component look better, and better looks improve sound. That is certainly measurable.
aos, can you tell us where you get the gold plated ones, I assume the NJ3FP6C-B? There have been discussions before and nobody seems to carry them.
Try doing a search here. There are many posts on the RA-1. Particular interesting are the ones that reveal the RA-1 to be a simple CMOY circuit worth about $5 in parts.
...and how much longer till completion?
How difficult is the soldering going to be for this thing? Sounds like at least 4X24 for attaching switch to board, and 4X24 for the resistors themselves. That's a total of 192 solder points.
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