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Quote: Originally Posted by recephasan JMS: $60 Toshiba is better than SCD-CE595? you sure? No, I'm not sure, hence I said "hard to say it beats the Toshiba" (although I'm inclined to say it). The thing is, the SD-3950/3960 transport is so noisy that I can hear it over the music on quiet passages, even sitting 8 feet away. I'm too distracted by that to do a serious evaluation, especially knowing that the noise prevents me from using it for music...
I'd second the SCD-CE595 recommendation. I've heard many cheap DVD players and CD players in the past few years, and this one is the best of them. Beats the Pioneer DV-578A, beats some cheap Sony DVD player I tried, beats the $600 Arcam Alpha 7SE from a few years ago. Hard to say it beats the Toshiba SD-3950 (which is admittedly very good), but the latter has a loud transport so I don't use it for music listening. The SCD-CE595 transport is dead silent while...
I've always found my PPA to sound shrill and metallic, but couldn't figure out why. I thought maybe I screwed something up, but it seemed to measure well, as on tangent's site. Recently I did another comparison using RMAA5.4, and I noticed one measurement, THD, in which the PPA measures worse than the other options. Could this be the culprit? I measured using RMAA5.4, default settings except with "analyze noise and distortion only on 20-20khz" checked, loopback method...
morsel: I'm using HD580's. The sound is similar when I use the PPA as a preamp too. I don't have an oscilloscope around so I can't check for ringing. tangent: My CD player is Arcam Alpha 7SE (precursor to the CD72). I've used this player for years.
Yes, I followed the instructions as on Tangent's site, and have things wired properly. In S2, I had wires running to a switch. I just replaced the wires with a jumper, but no help. I have some OPA227's on order, will see if that helps.
Yes, I have in C6G: 10pF 500V silver mica, Digikey 338-1061. Just to check if it's the op-amp, I just tried using some cheap LM741CN's in place of the AD8610's, and the shrillness remained. Perhaps less so, but still there. I dunno, is this just the PPA's sound?
The gain on my META42 is 10x: R1: 1k R2: 500K R3: 475 R4: 4.75K R5: 2.21K R6: 221K R7: 200 R8: jumper R9: jumper R10: 100 RL: 10K Pot: 50K stepped attenuator AD8620, 2x EL2002
I think I used 4.7k because I couldn't find 4.32k. I'm using: 4-4-4 Intersil 3x AD8610 50k Alps Blue Q1: 3x Digikey 2N5484 Q2: 3x Digikey 2N5486 Q3: 12x Digikey 2N5486 You're right, I didn't measure the current to bias the opamp. Should I? Thought I was OK with the default config.
I built my PPA about 3 months ago, using basically the standard recommended configuration/parts. I always thought it sounded a little thinner than my META42 (also built to standard configuration/parts), but figured it was due to the improved stereo separation. I hadn't done a serious subjective comparison between the META42 and the PPA, but when I tried them recently as a preamp for my C370 to power speakers, the difference became more apparent. The PPA sounded shrill, and...
I own both the PX100's and the KSC-50's, and I agree completely with dmcmusic's assessement. I don't get why HeadRoom raves about the PX100's. They're comfortable, but the KSC-50's blow them away in terms of sound. I can't even say the PX100's are good-sounding headphones, given their severe tonal imbalance.
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