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Anyone else find the HD800's uncomfortable to wear? They're significantly heavier than the HD650's and the headband is shorter, which gives it less room to be shaped to my big head. Also I think the metal part is less malleable, so it puts a tighter grip on my head. The sound is out of this world but I'm not sure I can put up with the fit!
I'm seriously considering getting HD800's, and my decision will be based entirely on the member reviews of this forum. However, I have a hard time sifting through literally thousands of posts spread across two ginormous threads. Can we please have a thread of only impressions and reviews from people who have experience with the headphone? I'm sure others in my shoes would very much appreciate this as well. So, can everyone please post impressions and reviews in this...
Consider the HD201's, available for $20 from jandr.com. They're small, light, closed but not too much isolation, and sound much better than $20. The sound is comparable to HD280's, which doesn't fit my head as comfortably. It sounds good enough that sometimes I forget I'm listening to the 201's and not my 650's.
The $150 Sony SCD-CE595 is dead silent. Quieter than everything else I've tried, by far. Not even transformer hum.
Quote: Originally Posted by recephasan JMS: $60 Toshiba is better than SCD-CE595? you sure? No, I'm not sure, hence I said "hard to say it beats the Toshiba" (although I'm inclined to say it). The thing is, the SD-3950/3960 transport is so noisy that I can hear it over the music on quiet passages, even sitting 8 feet away. I'm too distracted by that to do a serious evaluation, especially knowing that the noise prevents me from using it for music...
I'd second the SCD-CE595 recommendation. I've heard many cheap DVD players and CD players in the past few years, and this one is the best of them. Beats the Pioneer DV-578A, beats some cheap Sony DVD player I tried, beats the $600 Arcam Alpha 7SE from a few years ago. Hard to say it beats the Toshiba SD-3950 (which is admittedly very good), but the latter has a loud transport so I don't use it for music listening. The SCD-CE595 transport is dead silent while...
I've always found my PPA to sound shrill and metallic, but couldn't figure out why. I thought maybe I screwed something up, but it seemed to measure well, as on tangent's site. Recently I did another comparison using RMAA5.4, and I noticed one measurement, THD, in which the PPA measures worse than the other options. Could this be the culprit? I measured using RMAA5.4, default settings except with "analyze noise and distortion only on 20-20khz" checked, loopback method...
morsel: I'm using HD580's. The sound is similar when I use the PPA as a preamp too. I don't have an oscilloscope around so I can't check for ringing. tangent: My CD player is Arcam Alpha 7SE (precursor to the CD72). I've used this player for years.
Yes, I followed the instructions as on Tangent's site, and have things wired properly. In S2, I had wires running to a switch. I just replaced the wires with a jumper, but no help. I have some OPA227's on order, will see if that helps.
Yes, I have in C6G: 10pF 500V silver mica, Digikey 338-1061. Just to check if it's the op-amp, I just tried using some cheap LM741CN's in place of the AD8610's, and the shrillness remained. Perhaps less so, but still there. I dunno, is this just the PPA's sound?
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