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I look forward to hearing back from you! I'm about to lay down the cash on the T1's so hope the combo of those + the Glacier = Radiohead heaven! :)
"It happens the Radiohead is my favorite rock band too ."   They are amazing. I can't wait to Listen to them with a good set of headphones. In that regards I'm hoping the T1's will serve me well. The Glacier with it's DAC is a good deal I think as I'll be listening via my Macbook / Apple Lossless.   Have you ever listened to In Rainbows with the T1's + Glacier? Anything else you'd pick over that setup that would be better?   Regards, Simon
Very good explanation thanks. For me I listen mostly to Radiohead, Rolling Stones, etc. But also a lot of other areas such as Rap, and Electronic. From what I've read the T1's work the best with tubes so if the v3 doesn't give that tube sound the glacier would make a great amp.   If you had to pick one for to listen to Radiohead which would you pick?    Thanks, Simon
"But the T1 will run very good with my Apex Glacier OR my RSA Intruder (very hard to decide which one is better from both)."   Interesting, so you'd pick that over the Continental V3? I thought the tube would help the T1's? Thanks for the feedback, if you had to pick one amp what would it be?
Hi everyone.   Just wondering is anyone out there has the V3 up and running with any Beyer T1's? I'd love to hear what you think to this combo and what the best way of getting a source to it is. I have Apple Lossless files on from either my Laptop or iPhone / iPad   Any ideas would be most welcomed as I'm about the pick up a set of T1's and need a good quality amp that's also pretty portable.   Thanks in advance, Simon
Hiya,   After a bit more searching I think I'm going to go with a Nuforce Icon HDP. Not "portable" but very small. DAC and Amp in one. Seems to get good feedback for the price.   Does anyone know if this will pair up with the T1's well?   Regards, Simon
Hello all,   I'm about to buy some Beyerdynamic headphones. I'll be using these to play Apple Lossless files from a Macbook Pro or iPad.   Please bear with me as I'm very new to all this so if I'm asking silly questions I'm sorry in advance.   I'd love of course to get a good desktop amp to use with these but as my job forces me to move around a lot I'm looking for the best portable Amp / DAC.   Is this possible?    I guess my questions...
Hello all, I've been trying to find a good high quality earbud headphones with a 2.5mm conector instead of the standard 3.5mm one. I've got an Imate Jam smartphone with a 4gig SD card and sound quality is really good but at the moment I have to use a 2.5mm to 3.5mm conector. Just wondering is anyone's seen any good headphones around with a 2.5mm? Regards, Simon
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