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Hello all,   Just a bit of a follow up from me. I tried this weekend with no Filters in. Kind of mixed feelings. The soundstage was a little wider to my ears but the base dropped off and, hard to put this into words, but the various parts of the sound didn't seem to work together. After a day listening to no filters I went back to my modded blues and that's it for me. Loved the return of that sound I love.   Cheers, Simon
Thanks,Going to take my 846's and iPhone over to our audio shop and get a demo.Cheers,Simon
What does that mean?You have an issue about me asking how the se846 sounds with a mojo on the se846 thread?
Nice! How much of a difference does the mojo make? Any details would be great as I have the rest of your setup and am thinking of getting a mojo. Cheers, Simon
 Damn it! Just when you think you're happy with something a new idea comes up!Ok, that's this weekends homework.;) Regards,Simon
No, it's not confirmed.
I'm using the iPhone as the amp.   So tried moving back to the modded blues. Ok, yep, there's the bass! I think I felt they were muddy first listen as I had the wax guards in. I'm using Westone True-Fits now and they are clear as a bell in the highs still but with the extra kick in the low end.   Very happy.   Could to pick up a Mojo at some point but very happy with these now. Thanks for all the advice,   Regards, Simon
Would that be an issue for my setup. I'm using an iPhone 6s as my source.
I'm pretty sure I've read the white filters don't use any bass either? I thought they just opened up the highs.
Hi all,   I've had my 846's for a few months now. Upgraded to a silver Litz cable which I loved, opened up the soundstage and clarity went up. I however don't really get this subbass aspect. I've tried many tips, get a good seal, etc. Just not what I was expecting. I'm using the white filters as I like that cleaner treble.   Also. I keep hearing about the Chord Mojo. Thinking of picking one up. Will that improve the sound a lot? As much as the cable change...
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