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AAC yes. No to Apt-x but not an issue to me as I'm using Apple Music with iPhone which sounds fantastic to my ears.
Hello all,   So my cable arrived in the post yesterday. Been playing with it since. I'm no reviewer but I'll try and give it a shot for those interested.   Delivery time was 6 days from ordering. I got email updates, the item came packaged well so no idea what happened to the other guy who got one?   I got the MMCX version to use with my Shure 468's. Been looking for a wireless solution since getting my iPhone 7.   I fully charged the cable (more on this later)...
Thanks for the quick replay. Great support.I look forward to trying it out! Cheers,Simon
Do you have these in stock? I ordered about 5 days ago now and they still haven't shipped.   Any ideas when they'll ship to me?   Regards, Simon
Hi,   Just saw a post about the Westone Bluethooth cable.   I've just purchased a set of these:   Come with MMCX connectors so should plug into my 864's fine.   Will report back when they turn up in a few days. Fingers crossed. Regards, Simon
Well.. I guess I'll be reviewer number 3! Just ordered a set. Hopefully I get a good quality set.. If you're listening Lear please send a good pair over to Australia for me!   Will report back here everyone with a review when I've tested them with my Shure 846's via MMCX connection on iPhone 7.   Cheers, Simon
I'm really interested in this product.   So far we have 2 reviews.. One says they are amazing, the other that they aren't worth buying. Anyone else got a pair for review?   I wonder how they compare to the westone's. I'd love to wait for the FiiO bluetooth cable but that seems to have gone very silent.   Regards, Simon
Any updates? We're almost at the end of the year. :)   What I really want to know is if bluetooth 4.0 on this can sound much better than what's already out there.   The Lear BTC-01 is almost in my cart to buy- please FiiO give us an update!   Regards, Simon
I'm also hoping a new firmware would fix the clicking and popping you get on iPhone's with the camera connection kit cable.
I'd have to say the same, but I'd drop that to 256ACC Apple Music as well. Took a long expensive road to really admit that to myself but, for me at least, I'm now happy having any song I want ready to play.
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