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Hello all,   I'm running my 846's with an iPhone 6S. Was thinking of moving to the new 5SE as I like the smaller phone size.   Has anyone here tried the 846's with the 5SE? How does it sound compared to the 6S if so?   Regards, Simon
Hi, ATPX is bluetooth. Not sure how that's going to improve anything. It'll be the DAC that you're responding to.Personally I'm very happy with my iPhone 6s. It's a pretty good DAC for a phone. Regards,Simon
Hi,   Just a heads up I'm sadly selling my First Gen T1's due to needing a portable setup for travel. If you're in Australia and are interested please see here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/802243/beyerdynamic-t1-great-condition   Thanks, Simon
Hello all,   Just a heads up that I'm sadly selling my practically new WA7TP on Head-Fi due to needing a portable setup for travel. If you're in Australia and want to take a look please see:   http://www.head-fi.org/t/802245/woo-audio-wa7tp-amp-power-supply-tubes-as-new
I bought this Woo Audio WA7TP from Addicted to Audio (Sydney) in Nov 2015 so it's only 4 months old and in perfect condition.   Sadly selling as I need a portable setup due to travel.   The Amp and Power Supply sound amazing. I've tried a few different tubes in the Power Supply (all included) but settled on the Mullard's which cost $200 themselves.   All original packaging is included. I'll also throw in a high quality USB cable to connect to your source as that's no...
Pair of Beyerdynamic T1 headphones (Gen1). Always kept in their box. In as new condition. Come with box and original packaging. I paid $1200 AU about 2.5 years ago from Addicted to Audio. Now selling as I need a portable setup. Details as seen here: http://www.amazon.com/Beyerdynamic-T1-Audiophile-Stereo-Headphone/dp/B0031RD3YY Any questions please ask. Price includes registered post to anywhere in Oz. Regards, Simon
Hi, I moved from ER-4's as well. I had the exact same reaction. Very veiled. I moved to the white filters and haven't looked back. I did also notice a big increase in quality after a few hours of listening. Not just my head adjusting but the sound-stage opening up giving space to the music. I'd now say mine beat the ER-4's in details / clarity with the added bonus of that lush mid and amazing lower end. Get the whites, you'll like them.
No, it's not normal. Sounds like you have a second hand pair they have packaged back up.
Hi,   I'm currently on the white filters and have also tried the mod blues. I keep reading that the whites loose some bass. Is that true?   To my ears the whites really add a lot of details and clarity whereas the blues with mod still sound a little muddy.   Could my problem be the tips I'm using?   I guess what I'm saying is that most people seem to say the blue mod adds the details and clarity of the whites but keep the bass. I'm not really hearing that at the...
+1 on this. I'm ready to drop cash on one or the other as well. From the reviews I've read they both seem to be pretty amazing.Anyone tried both?
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