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I'd have to say the same, but I'd drop that to 256ACC Apple Music as well. Took a long expensive road to really admit that to myself but, for me at least, I'm now happy having any song I want ready to play.
Interesting thing. I tried the same cable, apple music, red, but with my ipad not my iphone. No issues at all.
Hi,   Yeah I'm just using Apple Music for my player. Continue to get the pops and clicks. No issues at all on my Mac.
 Grrrr. Wish I'd known that before buying the cable.
Hello all,   Tried my Red on my iPhone 7 this morning with their Lightning to USB camera adaptor. Getting all kinds of pops in the music? Any ideas?
Hi,   New Red owner here. Using it with my Shure 846's. Only been using it a few hours and it still feels a little veiled to me but at times I feel something really amazing shinning through. Maybe just getting used to the sound but I do feel like it's slowly starting to settle in.   One question.   When using it with my MacBook in the midi settings it only ever shows 24bit. I'm playing 16bit, does this matter or is it just the frequency that...
Has anyone heard any word on what bluetooth the iPhone 7 is using? Have they moved to Aptx yet? Aptx HD?   I can't find any word on the webs.
I found the complete opposite.
Nope, never heard EMI noise on my 6s with the 846's so can't say the 7 is any cleaner. But the soundstage is wider.
Been testing my SE846's with my iPhone 7 all weekend. Didn't want to post until I'd had time to really listen and test. Well, what can I say. To my ears it's a big upgrade in soundstage, detail and clarity compared to my iPhone 6S. Playing a Moon Shaped Pool almost had me in tears at times it sounded so good and I picked up so many more details than before. Very much enjoying this "downgrade" from Apple.
New Posts  All Forums: