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1. Fix the 2 seconds skip bug in gapless mode 2. Fixed line out volume 3. Show track number
Hi all,  I'm looking for some closed cans for use at work and maybe on the road  I'm listening mostly to Rock/Pop/Indie/Alternative mostly in a very low volume   This is what I had till now: HD650 - love it! great sound and great comfort  DT770 Pro/250 - Lows are boomy, highs are shrilling, not comfortable at all. (sold it) M80 - Liked the sound but it was a bit boomy, wind noise was really bad and it wasn't very comfortable (returned it) MDR1R - Overall I like...
Hello all,   I have a fairly large music collection on my iTunes, and when syncing to an iPad/iPod/iPhone it's very easy to select what albums/artists I want to sync, also I have smart playlists for syncing as well   Is there such a solution to non iDevices? Just to copy-paste is very cumbersome and long method     Thanks, Eli
ATH-m50 - clamp real hard, didn't like the sound DT770 pro - hard clamp, piercing highs, boomy lows, although huge sound stage which I liked
80ohm is darker with more boomy bass, 250ohm has a more controllable bass but is also brighter
I just saw the mail you've sent me  Actually I've used Alkaline batteries   Also, what do you mean by don't use rechargeable batteries?  Would it not work?  As in the paper I got with the amp and in the research I did on this amp it supposed to work fine with rechargeable batteries I bought this amp thinking I would be able to use rechargeable batteries   Thanks
Hi all,  I've sent an email about this to Ray, but also wanted to know if it happened to any of you    I got my SR-71A this week so it's fairly new Yesterday it seems that the battery was depleted completely as there was no sound coming from the amp But today when I power it up again it's working fine for several of hours already    Do you have any idea how something like this could happen?    Thanks, Eli
Can someone compare the amp section to the SR-71A? I wonder how the two differ   thx  
I've heard many good things on sr-71a + hd650. Maybe you should try that
Hello,   I've been looking at this HP recently and I've noticed that some site spec it as semi-open and some as fully open Are there two versions of this headphones? And if not, which one is it?   Thanks, Eli
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