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 I know, but still, I move around with my hd650 all the time, no moving parts nor microphonic thereI guess there more like me the would like to know that 
I just would like to give my 2 cents as I haven't see it mentioned anywhere The X2 has 2 major flaws (at least for me): 1. It has really loud microphonics 2. When you move around with them, you can here the hinges squeak   It's a good pair of headphones, but you need to seat down while listening :)
I'm talking about digital output of course Here is the specs of the Theorem for example:
 Can you verify it?If you read specs of DACs for iOS, you'll see that that output is always limited to 16/4, and I read it's an apple limitation 
As far as I know the output will always be 16/44.1 from an iOS device
I didn't understand you there
I really hope they would fix that and fast!I didn't spend 1700$ to have these kind of issues
Just got my new X2 that I bought from eBay (New) One thing that bothers me is that the box don't have the "authenticy sticker" on it   Is this normal? should I be concerned?   Thanks, Eli
To sum up,  What I've lost: 1. I can't jump to a specific letter anymore 2. long press on the home "button" doesn't do anything anymore    What I've gain..  Haven't found a new feature that is helpful 
I did tested it out and found that to me the iBasso does sounds betterBut it's hard to tell since you have to reboot everytime
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