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Just got my ak100ii 2 days ago, I don't know how ppl comparing the DX90 to it. I feel the AK is in a different level The presentation of the music is really beautiful  And the user experience is much better 
How much stronger is the amp in the ak120ii in relation to the 100ii unbalanced? Is it about the same or much stronger?   Thanks
What do have in mind?
Can someone pleas tell me how is the gapless in the AK100ii & AK120ii? Is it flac only feature? or you get gapless with every format?     Thanks! Eli
Does anybody knows why is the sound keeps changing? Should'nt it be stable and be determined only by the hardware implementation?    Thanks! Eli
Totally mint! Used it for 15 minutes, bought straight from ToxicCables
1. Fix the 2 seconds skip bug in gapless mode 2. Fixed line out volume 3. Show track number
Hi all,  I'm looking for some closed cans for use at work and maybe on the road  I'm listening mostly to Rock/Pop/Indie/Alternative mostly in a very low volume   This is what I had till now: HD650 - love it! great sound and great comfort  DT770 Pro/250 - Lows are boomy, highs are shrilling, not comfortable at all. (sold it) M80 - Liked the sound but it was a bit boomy, wind noise was really bad and it wasn't very comfortable (returned it) MDR1R - Overall I like...
Hello all,   I have a fairly large music collection on my iTunes, and when syncing to an iPad/iPod/iPhone it's very easy to select what albums/artists I want to sync, also I have smart playlists for syncing as well   Is there such a solution to non iDevices? Just to copy-paste is very cumbersome and long method     Thanks, Eli
ATH-m50 - clamp real hard, didn't like the sound DT770 pro - hard clamp, piercing highs, boomy lows, although huge sound stage which I liked
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