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Wow, that is awesome! Now I can look for a pair to fix my Pro4aaas! I have the series 2 driver, but have never seen the series 4 driver. Thanks so much! Finally, I find out that they are the same!
Thanks for the reply! So does that mean that the Pro4aa drivers are the same as the Pro4aaa drivers? I've seen lots of Pro4aas that I could have got, but I thought they had different drivers.
I've heard that the 4AAAT isn't so great. Also, I've been looking on eBay for a while, but when they pop up, people always sell them as auctions and I can't seem to get my hands on a set! :(
Hmmm. Too bad these things are so old and basically non-existent anymore... If I had the money, I would probably try buying a new Pro 4AA or AAAT, but I really don't have much money to spend. Too bad there isn't some sort of replacement driver I could buy. Since I've been checking eBay and craigslist an haven't found anything, do you think I'm basically out of luck? I' m really disapointed that I only have one side working and not enough for a new/used pair.
Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately, I have already emailed Koss, and was told that my product was no longer supported by the warranty(I saw quite a few threads about people doing that and their's being covered by the warranty). Then again, even if it was, mine has been opened and "modified" I guess you could say, because of when my dad removed the old driver and replaced the 1/4 plug. So, besides that, do you have any other ideas of where to get one? I'm completely out...
Hi, I have a pair of old(not Pro 4AAAT) Koss headphones that I would really appreciate help on finding a driver for. I am for sure that it is the driver and it is the right driver. If you guys could help, that would be awesome! So, if you guys could assist me in finding a driver I would be extremely happy as these are my only headphones (from my dad), and happen to be my favorite of all other ones I've tried.   Thanks in advance,     Hayden
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