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If you sell Series 2 drivers, I would be interested!
Ok, good. I was told that the series 2 was only black and that confused me since the black and white drivers look the same.
  This is the same series driver and headphones that I have. The left one is held on by the plastic, while the right driver is held on by 4 screws.
Strange. My second series driver is all white and has 4 tabs for mounting it to the Pro 4aaa. Sadly, Now my budget is extremely low, so it's unlikely that I will come across a first or second series driver to replace my broken second series driver.
Darn! I didn't see the post until today! Thanks for trying to help me, I really appreciate it.
I sadly only own one pro4aaa. But hopefully I can find a driver soon so I can put them to use. I also need to rewire mine. I might make the cord removable for easier storage for transportation. Then if it needed another cable replacement, it would be easy!
I have noticed the plastic pieces connecting the yolks to the ear cups are slightly different on some Pro4aaas. If you look at your pictrure it that last post and one before, you can see a difference.
Also, do you know where I can get the black padded head strap? Pro4aaa models are rare, so it's not easy to get one.
It got sold :( Oh well, I'll probably find one eventually. Is there any was to see what series driver they have without actually opening them up?
My driver just gave up on me for some reason, and it wasnt actually me who pulled the driver out, so when it got removed, the diaphragm got ripped off rendering the whole driver useless. It's really easy to break the drivers too. Oh, and Koss said that they cannot repair mine because they don't had headband parts, meaning I can't send it in and get a driver from them. That's why I started searching for a replacement driver last year when it happened, but with no luck yet.
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