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Seems like nice alternative. I'll call the audiologist today for appointment. Thanks
Hi joker, Short comparison please between Vsonic VC1000 vs. Custom Art Music One - is it upgrade from VC1000 or "just" something else?. Thanks. Own the VC1000 and I really like its sound signature. Never had CIEM.
Hi,  Please compare A161P  vs.  VC1000 bass quantity. Thanks
Hi joker, Own RE400 - enjoy it mainly  with my jazz , vocal and acoustic recordings,  but I want some another IEM with more bass quantity and accuracy too. Have 100 usd for it . I have opportunity to buy EPH100 for some 100 usd incl. shipping. Are these hitting the bass like on Stones (I mean Charlie and Darryl...) live concert in Montenegro, Budva beach 2007?  Or CC51 for 30 usd? Or....
Hi ljoker, Seems that your ear canals a bit tighter than mine...I have enormous ones !  Resolved this with Meelec big short double flanges - enhanced with some 3M foams. Prefer short  tips , better soundstage IMO. BTW great reviews! Thanks
Three pairs at once  , cool! BTW  - bought mine in Hungary, for some 4.700,- HUF in 2011. Very interesting and impessive sound. Worth the price, love them!
Mogami W2893 http://www.redco.com/shopexd.asp?id=505
Let me show you my very first headphone recabling. Sorry, but I have to say : it's very elegant.    CAL! + Mogami + Amphenol            
First of all  thanks to markl and kingpage to inspire me to make my own  CAL!  mod. Second:  sorry for my english , but I'm sure if somebody wants,   he will understand what I want to say.   Of course these are mine subjective opinions, but I am sure that for those who don't want to open the earcaps, the solution on the last photo will  radically improve the sound quality!   The CALs earcaps are maded from two parts and I suppose that different material than...
Sold the battery from my laptop, because I needed 30 bucks more  for a new pair of IEMs. Have 5, sorry now 6 pairs!
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