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I am a new perosn on the headphone market. I love bass and want some good iems. I don't have more than $50-60 to spend. $80 iIF it is totally worth the money. Only because I am jobless and don't wanna spend all my money on headphones. I have a $50 amazon gift card to spend and will spend up to $30 of my cash too if deems necessary. I see the list, but is there any that would be highly recommended in my price range? Please inbox me if you have advice/suggestions.
Forgot to mention, I will be listening unamped. Will be listening to computer, Samsung Captivate(Galaxy), and iPod nano.
Update. Apparently my friend was joking about the best buy thing -.- So, suggestions? Right now, I'm looking at JVC XX, SoundMagic E10, Meelectronics M9, Meelectronics M31, Xeport 5010-8, and the Meelectronics sp51. Remember, I'm looking for lots of bass.
I was given a pair of sol republic amps today only to find out that the left side doesn't play unless your hold the wire just right at the jack. When held right, they sound pretty good. Is there a way to fix them? They are bassier than any pair I own right now so I would to get them fixed if possible.
BUMP.   Still looking. Right now I'm looking at the JVC Xtreme Xplosives, MEelec M9 and M31, Velodyne V-Pulse($55), Klipsch image s4($45), SoundMagic e10, UE 350, UE 500, and Beats Tours(I can get them for $10 because my friend's dad owns part of best buy and he can get me them for $10). I also should specify that the bass I'm looking for is a hard-hitting bass, but also the rumbling bass like a subwoofer. I want lots of sub-bass and mid-bass. Also, since my friend...
Looking for a good pair of IEMs with lots of bass as I LOVE BASS. Lol. Any comments on these and their bass would be great. Heck, suggestions for bass-heavy IEMs would also be great. I also am on a budget and am not looking to spend more than $60.
Sign me up. I own Skullcandy titans, and the standard apple buds. I, myself, am not an audiophile so I never knew that the titans aren't that great. So I joined here to learn more and see what it is good for my needs. I would love to recieve these headphones and see what they're like and open myself up to more type of headphones than skullcandy. Also, I absolutely love bass. So if these have good bass that would be amazing! But if they don't, that would be fine. I just...
Which headphones have more bass(with the best sound quality) between the MEElectronics M9, MEElectronics M31, and JVC Xtreme Xplosives? And the type of bass I'm talking about is not the necessarily thump, but more of the hard hit and rumble like a subwoofer.(I would appreciated lots of low-end and middle) If none of these fit that category, what other budget IEM's do?
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