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1. AAW W900 2. SE5 Ultimate 3. Zeus XR ADEL 4. A18 Tzar  5. Noble Katana
Updated with pics
Hey guys, I'm selling my SE846. Please note that ONE SIDE SOUNDS MUFFLED, the other side works fine. No longer under warranty. Hence, the cheap price. Aesthetics wise it looks almost like new. I don't know what to do with it, so I figured maybe some of you guys would try to repair it yourself or use the components to do some DIY project.I don't know. Just trying my luck. Or you can get one earpiece replaced by Shure themselves. I don't have the money to do that myself so...
Yeah. I have bought quite a few electronics second hand from forums (head-fi and also some other local forums/marketplace). This is the first time the item stopped working within a year, and I bought it from a local forum. I don't think I can get my money back since it is not bought from a shop.
Oh I didn't know about that. Well I bought it second hand. Should have been more careful, but it did work fine for a month. 
Seems like I'm pretty screwed. Took it out of the drybox after more than 48 hours, nothing changed. The local 'service center' also replied and said they don't do repairs, only replacement. And the cost of replacing one side is more than how much I bought the IEM for. Sigh.
 Yeah they are fitted in properly.. I even tried testing without any nozzle/filters and place it on a desk like speakers. When the volume is maxed, the right earpiece is almost muted, apart from a little bass grumble. 
 Thanks for the suggestion. I've just put my 846s inside a camera dry cabinet with some moisture absorber packs as well. Gonna leave it for a night or two.
Nope I also cleaned my ears earlier just to be sure. I tried my spare IEM too. I also tried wearing the right earpiece on my left ear, and left earpiece on right ear. Even though the fit is bad, the difference in volume is very obvious.
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