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Alright thanks sgs!
Does Perfect Seal do ownership transfer/reshell? If yes, how much and how long (it will take)?
Hi mate i am interested but do you know which company can reshell UERM properly? Afaik UE doesn't do reshells.
Interested but do u know who can reshell UERM properly? As far as I know UE doesn't do reshells themselves.
rottencheese   More mid/low end CIEMS! As much as I want the likes of H8Pro, K10, and especially the UERM (or the new one) I just cant afford those :/
    Stumbled upon this monitoring headphone that is surprisingly stylish and cheap. Looks comfortable too.    FR graph:   Has anyone tried/bought these? Surprised that I don't see any reviews here. It is around 75 USD on Amazon. The Q40 was good sound wise but meh comfort wise, so I thought this one might be a good deal.    Anyway I decided to try it out and it is already on its way here :) Will update with a review.   UPDATE: Review...
1). 101,773 2). 104,212 3). 108,556
woah you bumped up my ancient thread. SGS3 tips are the stock tips that comes with Samsung Galaxy S3's stock earpiece. I dont know where to get them anymore, and I have already sold both my SGS3 and ASG-1. Maybe you can find those people who are selling stock smartphone earpieces they dont use. I'm sure there are other tips that can help the fit, probably mentioned in other threads.
DA Inquisition!
I have just purchased the Altone 200 (old model) and I have to say it is incredibly good value for money. The regional SEA distributor told me though, that the Altone 200 I bought is discontinued to pave way for the new Altones. Stocks are very low so if you want, get it now.   Such a shame, imo, that the 200 is discontinued after just what, 1 or 2 years? I think the main selling points of the 200 is size (very small and comfortable for a triple, compared to say DN2K,...
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