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I am surprised that this thread isn't more popular. I had the chance of auditioning the some of Musiker line last weekend. I only tried each for 15-20 mins so take what I say with a pinch of salt. I'd say the Musiker lineup offers serious bang for buck, especially if you consider that they include ear impressions in the listed price (well only if you live locally in Singapore). Oh and the turnaround time is only 28 days!   At only S$249, the A1D is the star of the show...
50.5 kg 73.4 kg 94.4 kg
fingers crossed!
hi do u mind shipping to outside conus? (singapore)
up again
  Looking back at how good Jones vs. Gus was, now I wonder how the end of this year can be any better :)
Well i can still accept if Jones win. Very close after all. But 49-46 is Ross all over again.
Clearly UFC is protecting their cash cow. I thought Gus had 1,2 and 3.
 Might be interested for trade. Depends on what it is :) PM me And yes it is UE style protruding socket.
 umm yes i reckon that is the problem :( sad that there is no review anywhere. there are probably some impressions in some threads (let me dig up some). I am super busy for the past few weeks and for the next few months so I dont think I can write my own. super short impressions: bright, detailed sound like etymotic's, but slightly warmer. treble is slightly forward, and have a really good instrument positioning. Bass is on the lean side. I'd say the technical level is...
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