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Yes, using this combo with my D2000s. I also enjoy warmer, euphonic sound and this combo delivers. I got my tubes from this seller: Recieved them within 9 days, but that's because I'm in California. I'm sure you'll love the CV4010s, but make sure you order the LT1364CN8 samples from Linear Tech to go with CV4010s. They'll go great with your D7000s.  
Ok finally got my CV4010s in today. Finally found some tubes I enjoy. The LT1364CN8 + Mullard CV4010 combo is really, really nice for most of the genres I listen to (Electronica, Rock, Rap, etc...). Thanks roker!!    
lol just saw your post from a year ago mentioning this, sorry. Just ordered a couple of the CV4010s from ebay. Thanks roker!!  
Hey roker, what OPAMP & Tube combo are you using with your D2000s? I'm using LT1364 and stock 6JI tubes. Just got a couple of 6CQ6 tubes today and initial impressions show them to be very dark.  
try m50s, or denon d1001s / creative live! aurvanas
mod those KSC75s :)
Maybe save $20 and get the Audio Technica M50s?
yeah I wonder how they compare with the D2000s.
Yeah I definitely enjoy the M50s as well. 
The Captivate's sound quality is pretty good, I use rock equalizer.
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