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Interesting. I just got a pair of HE-400s from Crutchfield. The date on the box shows 09/17/12. But when I look at the drivers it looks like I have rev2 versions (yesssssssssss). I can't read the card insert because it's in Chinese, but there looks to be serial #s for both L and R drivers, 2060686 & 2060687; both are handwritten.   They sound ok but I can't push the volume up enough. Both my Hot-Audio DAC Extasy and ASUS DG sound cards are @ 100% volume but the...
Thanks for the video review Rush!
price drop  
Hey guys I had ordered this FiiO E7/E9 + L2 cable combo awhile back and I just got it yesterday. But in between time of ordering and recieving I sold my D2000s because I'm funding my photography hobby again. So I tested out the amp combo with my CAL!s for an hour. It's basically brand new. Will ship via USPS Priority with insurance. Thanks for looking.
AMP is sold  
Updated price, sorry
Head-fi'ers I am selling a Little Dot1+ Hybrid Tube with LT1364OPAMP, Stock 6JI Tubes, CV4010 Mullards (Matched), and 6CQ6 tubes (Westinghouse / Rogers, look the same but I'm not sure). I bought it brand new from another head-fier in February so I've only had it for about two months. I'm estimating that there is only about 100 hours of use on the amp, with even less on the tubes because I bought them as NOS from eBay. Selling for $140 shipped and paypal'd
Yes, using this combo with my D2000s. I also enjoy warmer, euphonic sound and this combo delivers. I got my tubes from this seller: Recieved them within 9 days, but that's because I'm in California. I'm sure you'll love the CV4010s, but make sure you order the LT1364CN8 samples from Linear Tech to go with CV4010s. They'll go great with your D7000s.  
Ok finally got my CV4010s in today. Finally found some tubes I enjoy. The LT1364CN8 + Mullard CV4010 combo is really, really nice for most of the genres I listen to (Electronica, Rock, Rap, etc...). Thanks roker!!    
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