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wow that recabling looks great, and I like the material used, great quality there.
Have you tried posting on the Foobar forums?
Quote: Originally Posted by ill_phenom Whatever you do don't order from this retard. He is selling them for 59.99 Buy It Now but he is a boldface liar. He never shipped my product, and lied that he did, and he refused to answer most of my emails. I left a few choice words for him, but really wanted to get him where it hurts on his feedback . I didn't bother though because I knew I'd get negative feedback in retalition, and it would hurt me because I am...
Quote: Originally Posted by timmins maybe I should be wiping my mouth with toilet paper, I just gave them a pretty good listen in my bed. Even straight out of my h320 they sound pretty damn good. hehehehe! I shall go back to enjoying these phones !
I think the OP is just trying to have the headphones shipped to his friend's address. Hopefully Amazon will allow that, if not, . Anyways, good luck!
Quote: Originally Posted by mymindinside bump, thanks init6, but both those sellers are too expensive after shipping etc, the max. i can pay is 69 shipped is there any vendor that currently sells them for that price? Try Amazon
I don't remember if EAC has an mp3 coverter built into that program.
Quote: Originally Posted by LuckyKarma I'd highly recommend the K81DJ, I bought mine because of the great isolation and so I won't piss off my roommate by listening to trance at 3am with my HD555s They're the perfect cans for college... cheap ($55 from fascinationproducts on ebay), closed and isolating so listening late at night and on the bus is not a problem, and very portable I second the K81DJ' my wife tries to talk to me when I'm...
Thank you guys for all of the posts in this thread guys, I am currently enjoying my K81DJs! I can't believe I actually read probably around 60 pages of this thread before deciding on buying these headphones. I already made up my mind probably 30 pages worth into reading but I wanted to hear more. I would've read all but I was getting tired (was reading from midnight to about 1am or so). Anyways these are great phones and I really want to hear all my CDs/mp3s through them...
thanks camille
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