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Thom Yorke (of Radiohead) - Hearing Damage:  
Modestep - Feel Good is what got me into listening to dubstep 
So where can we buy these in the states?
that's awesome 
Probably because there are newer headphones now that are around the same price that are better
Ok so I got the E17 in today. The Hot Audio DAC Extasy + E17 combo sounds really nice. On some songs if I need the bass boost I'll input +4 bass. I've finally found a budget DAC/Amp setup that I'll be happy with for quite some time. And the HE-400s sound oh so good now. Wow.
I'm definitely loving the HE-400s. Going through a bunch of songs in my collection. Also pulled the trigger on an E17 to hold me over for now. And if you want to hear some high detailed Trapt Music:       THE LAST MINUTE IS EPIC.
Yeah TwinQY I finally found out why my volume was so low, it was turned down in windows volume mixer. It's up to 100% now and sounds much better. These phones are pretty nice, they easily sound nicer than D2000s due to their sibilance. And Velour pads are a must. 
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