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Yeah the Sense G5 actually sounds amazing powering the HE-400s. It's just hit or miss coming from an unknown Chinese vendor .
I just got the Sense G5 hybrid amp a few days ago and after an hour of listening there's a high-pitched whine coming through both headphone ports regardless of volume. It's the same constant sound. Do you guys think it's a ground loop issue? Anyways, this amp sounds awesome with my Hot Audio Dac Extasy. I prefer it to the E17, E09K, and O2 amps. Got mine for $~150 with EMS shipping from this...
OK so I found a very decently priced amplifier that works well with my setup. It's called the Sense G5 hybrid amplifier. It really helps to roll off the treble that most complain about. I got it for ~$150 from this seller:     "12AU7 tube + VMOS transistor class A output Power output: >1000mW Frequency response: 10Hz-50KHz Headphone...
  What amplifier are you using?
Ok finally was able to get in touch with Brian. Thanks guys!
  Yup. They are so darn good lol.
I'm currently testing the O2 amp from JDS Labs and it indeed is plenty of power for the HE-400s.
Great songs there  Lazysloth thanks.
A nice remix to the late 90's classic, Way out West - The Gift:  
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