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It's not dying, there's two active threads. They should be merged!
  Preview on youtube, play full song on bandcamp:
Morbid, I can't stop listening to Soular Order........OMG. Have both EP's on constant repeat for over an hour now.
^^^^ Wrong thread?
  LOL Such a random song chrous. Sure is catchy though, for the worse. Haha.
I love Santigold's Disparate Youth song, but this video is extremely cool:  
All I gotta say is my setup sounds so good. Man the Sense G5 powers the HE-400s so nicely.
I personally did not find a good synergy between the O2 and HE-400s. There are others who agree.
Well I just ordered some 3S4 NOS tubes off eBay. Hopefully it's the tubes that are at fault *cross fingers*.
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