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Dang thanks for letting us know about Purity Ring, Shrines is a good album.
Bought a JDS Labs O2 Amplifier from enbayo here: last month and I didn't like how it paired with my Hot Audio DAC Extasy. It's a nice amplifier and comes with AC Adapter and can run on the internal 9v batteries. Will ship out via USPS Priority. Thanks for looking.
What about this promo as well? "Buy the Sennheiser HD 650 from November 11th till December 28 and get a $50 SoundEarphones gift card! No coupon code necessary, the gift card will be emailed to you after the purchase."
  HE-400s are amazing with EDM
HE-400s. Doesn't have slamming bass but definitely is one of the top headphones for clarity, speed, detail. Has enough oomph at the bottom end, (I was a basshead before I tried these). And people love the HE-400 + Lyr combo.
  All Blank
When posting Youtube videos please use the preview button. Lots of videos are showing up blank and are not working (most likely due to the use of extra garbage in the URL).
It's Tubey-warm But that's probably due to my current tubes, GE 3S4s. The 2P2 ones that I got don't sound bad, they just were defective after warming up.   Vampire Weekend's Contra sounds very nice with this combo.
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